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Pwaah: a Phoenix Wright parody made in PlotagonTopic%20Title
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I got bored so I decided to make a stupid abridging thing in Plotagon. And for those of you who don't know, Plotagon is basically GoAnimate! in 3D.
Ooooooooh boy, this is already interestingly fun-horrible, no?

Welp, here's the link. ... frhBO4n2mk

This could technically be considered promotion of a meme, but 2 things to keep in mind:
1. This is uploaded to my Drive, which means literally no views or likes or comments or anything whatsoever
2. This was done as a joke

Hope you laugh or something

Also it has swearing so viewer discretion is advised. No sex or gore or blood or anything related in this though. Just swearing. And that could be seen as something rule breaking, but since it's a separate video I'm unsure if that applies here. If it does, you can tell me that counts and I'll remove the link just in case.
New PyWright Fangame in the Works! 6 cases! No thread yet because I just joined!
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