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Hetalia - Ace Attorney: Lies Unravelled - Voices Needed!Topic%20Title
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Not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right place. If I'm wrong or missed something in the Forum Rules (I couldn't find anything about game voice requests), please let me know! I'll try to move the topic or request it to be moved somewhere else. I originally posted this on Voice Actor Alliance, but received no reply, so I hope Court-Records can help me out!


an RPG Maker game

Game description: An RPG Maker game and a Hetalia/Ace Attorney crossover, in which characters of the anime Hetalia are cast as defense attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, etc. Kiku Honda, rookie defense attorney fresh out of law school, is forced to make a rise to the stand when renowned attorney Yong-Soo Im, “King of Attorneys,” is accused of murder. This case sets off an unexpected series of events; before he knows it, Kiku is pulled into an endless pit of crumbling half-truths, ruthless crimes, elegant lies, and a never-ending fight for justice. But as the lies unravel one by one, Kiku must eventually face the lies buried in his own past.

How to audition

No background sound effect like they have in the AA games is necessary--we prefer to have the voice first, then adjust it as we like and add the sound afterwards. Any format of sound is fine except OGG! It'd be preferred if you have a quality microphone, or one that doesn't have any crackling, background noise, etc. If there is, though, still feel free to audition--I can try to filter out background noise.

There's no plan for voice acting in the game beyond variations of the shouts, but there's still a slight chance that if you audition, you might be asked to make more sound effects. Please also view the videos included in the "Voice" section in the Character descriptions. Try to imitate the way they sound as well as their accents as accurately as possible. The accents are VERY important!

*There is no deadline for most of these characters, but for those with asterisks beside their names, we'd like them by 10 January 2016, as we hope to release a demo of the game by late January.

Please put your sound clips into a folder and label it with the name of the character you're auditioning for. If you could zip it, that'd be great! Compose an email with the character name in the subject as well, and please send it to

Although we're a fan project and can offer only a little money, we will gladly give credit where credit is due! And please feel free to audition for multiple parts.

(all male, btw)

*Kiku Honda [Defense Attorney]
Age: 29-31
Nationality: Japanese
Personality: A usually soft-spoken young man fresh out of law school. However, he has strong confidence in his wit and logical abilities. His strength? Assessing the situation calmly and quietly. In court, however, he becomes a beacon of confidence and justice.
Voice: at 0:22 & 1:13. Apologies for the strange video.

*Feliciano Vargas [Prosecutor, then defense attorney]
Age: 25-27
Nationality: Italian
Personality: A bit of a cowardly young man. He's supposed to prosecute with an iron fist, but he's more of a happy-go-lucky fellow. Although he's a pleasant, charming guy to befriend, inside and outside the courtroom he lacks both confidence confidence. He panicks and gets nervous easily.
Voice: His voice should be slightly lower than in the video. He's the one in the pink tanktop. Apologies for another weird video. :P
Lines: "OBJECTION!" ; "WAIT UP!"

Yao Wang [Prosecutor]
Age: 32-34
Nationality: Chinese
Personality: For someone so young, he's incredibly bitter and grumpy like an old man. Stubborn and ambitious to a fault, he aims to reach the top and will obliterate anyone in his way. He has a tongue like a double-edged sword and isn't afraid to speak his mind, no matter how sharply his words cut.
Voice: Yao's the one in the red shawl. His voice should be more serious in the audition.

Francis Bonnefois [Prosecutor]
Age: 27-29
Nationality: French
Personality: Known for his fiery conviction, his finesse, and his persistence in court, he is indeed the “Dieu de la loi,” or “God of the Law.” The things he admires most are passion, love, and romantic things. He practically breathes poetry.
Voice: I think it's obvious which one is France. Slightly deeper voice would be preferred.
Lines: "OBJECTION!" [with a French accent] ; "PRIS AU PIÈGE!" [Cornered! in French] ; "RIDICULOUS!" [with a French accent]

Arthur Kirkland [Prosecutor]
Age: 27-29
Nationality: English
Personality: An outwardly callous young man whose words often carry a bite of sarcasm. He acts like a grumpy old man, but he's actually nice when he wants to be. He's a no-nonsense attitude and hates when people fool around.
Voice: he starts speaking in this video from 0:08 and on. More emphasis on the British accent would be great.
Lines: "OBJECTION!" ; "HAVE AT YOU!" [a touch of smugness, sharp] ; "NONSENSE!"

Ivan Braginsky [Prosecutor & Defense Attorney]
Age: 29-33
Nationality: Russian
Personality: A mysterious attorney who dropped out of the public light years ago for unknown reasons. Now the head of a huge hotel chain, he was once known as a ruthless lawyer not averse to manipulation to get his way. He's not a bad guy, though. He just has a sense of childish cruelty.

Berwald Oxenstierna [Defense Attorney]
Age: 30-32
Nationality: Swedish
Personality: In the present day, he's a judge with a commanding presence. However, because he slurs his vowels so much, few people can understand him. He can speak very clearly, though--he just doesn't want to.
Voice: Very deep, slightly slurred vowels, but very clearly spoken words. Here's a poor reference video: See 0:59. This is a voice that I somewhat dislike, and I will be glad for anyone to interpret a new version how they like if they use the requirements listed above.
Lines: "OBJECTION!" ; "HOLD IT!"


We've figured out a form of payment that will work for people who have a Paypal and are living in the USA... or if the address on your Paypal is based in the USA. We're willing to pay people $5 (per character) if we accept your audition to be used in the game.

The method we're using is PayPal My Cash cards. We've got codes of cards with $5 each on them, and if you successfully audition and we accept your lines, we'll send you your code via email with instructions on how to use My Cash. If you want further information, ask away!


Many thanks for viewing this post. If you have any questions, or if I have been unclear in any way, please let me know and I'll fix it immediately. I appreciate any help that I can get!

Thank you!
Re: Hetalia - Ace Attorney: Lies Unravelled - Voices Needed!Topic%20Title
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Ho! I saw this at deviantArt. Sounds interesting. I might try to audition. :)
Re: Hetalia - Ace Attorney: Lies Unravelled - Voices Needed!Topic%20Title
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Gotta prosecute them all

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Thanks for your interest, MoonRaven! Hope to see your lines soon!

On another note, we just got a submission for Berwald from Voice Actor Alliance--I'm pumped people are auditioning! Anyone can still feel free to send in auditions for Berwald though if they want. :)
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