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Requesting a Piano Arrangement of a SongTopic%20Title
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Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone particularly good at making piano arrangements here? There's a song I'd like to use for the end credits of my Umineko fangame I'm writing, but the vocals/lyrics don't quite fit the mood I'm going for. I've tried finding existing piano covers (or even voiceless versions) of the song, with little success. Either the arrangement is bad, or it doesn't fit the somber tone I want. I'd also rather avoid using a vocal cover, since the lyrics were originally written around a part of the original game, and I'm trying to use it as more of a "one size fits all" theme for the bad endings.

Heck, if there's even someone skilled enough to somehow remove the vocals of the original song, I'll accept that. Although, PM me so I can send you the original file rather than have you download it from YouTube or something.

Here's the link to the song.
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