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Hello. After literal years of lurking about, it's great to finally become a member. As an avid fan, I have plenty of things to contribute, especially where creative inventions are concerned. For now, this is just my salutations and thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped expand upon the existing world of Ace Attorney!
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Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy your time as an official member lol
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Indeed,we all do have plenty of things to contribute here. Welcome to the forums!
Heyo,Mayo! I'm Southern Corn,but you can call me SC. My friends are great,and my enemies irate.

Every single Ace Attorney case,ranked with detailed explanations. Includes cases from DGS and AA6, so read at your own risk. Also comes with a wonderful hint box. Now complete!

Want to see more of my beautiful posts? Then click here! Includes classics like Mad Libs,the Memory Game,and Story Crafter,where I post all my works.

You're still here? Have a cookie for your persistence! :cookie:
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