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This case is... ok. It's rather fun at times, the mystery is good and it comes together pretty well, it's just that it feels muddled and about five times longer than it could have been. Okay, maybe not really, but good heavens do these guys talk. Especially at the end, I thought I was about to wrap the case up but even when we know who the killer was we have to rebut two testimonies from freakin' Courtney before we even get to talk to the killer, at which point one has to debunk about ten things with what felt like five minutes of blabbering between each. Every one and their mother doesn't have to butt in every time I try to make a point or raise an objection. I feel like I'm getting cross-eyed. Or that first logic chess with Elbird that only served to prove... what exactly? That he didn't sleep? People are prone to talk needlessly in any AA-game at times, but this time is the only one where I felt that it has become an actual and consistent problem and not just a nuisance, and dragged down my opinion of the case by quite a bit.

Which is too bad, because as I mentioned, I liked the mystery part. I like how all three prisoners did their share of messing things up, and how everything pointing to Dogen initially made sense rather than having the obviously framed route (and how he just rolled with it), and how Souta being wrongly accused also made sense seeing as he ended up in detention and we helped him because we were assisting a defense attorney, while usually when people get wrongly accused in Investigations in mostly just people pointing fingers and Edgeworth barging in to out-logic them. Also there were quite a lot of loose pieces which came together nicely eventually... so it could have been a rather tight and solid case.

I got so confused when first watching the surveillance video where "Knightley" got attacked by the "dog". Guard: "The camera caught something terrible!" *person randomly running around in the cell* Um, yeah, very terrible...

Edgeworth's whole motive here just seems off. He goes out of his way and ignores the risk of losing his badge because... he really, really wants to investigate this particular case? Why? At one point Courtney says something about it and he goes "But... the investigation...!" and then nothing else. I feel that "But... the investigation...!" is the only thing that keeps him (and therefore the case through the player's eyes) going.

I like pretty much all of the character. Regina's cameo doesn't feel very necessary as she doesn't do much that couldn't have been done by other means, but on the other hand it might have felt weird to just have Souta there alone. Sahwit's return didn't feel completely necessary either, but I guess the alternative would be creating a new character to fill his role, which wouldn't have been needed either, so might as well have him there, it suited him pretty well after all. Although, in a prison setting it's a little disappointing that he's the only former AA-criminal we get to meet again.

Logic chess is such a wasted opportunity for fun mistake-dialogue. It disappoints me to no end that it's the same standard-wrong answer-dialogue to every wrong reply taken, when we have replies such as "Did you ride the whale?" and "You were the one who was murdered!"

Spoiler: Entire game
Playing this already knowing Souta's deal, I like how he got a fairly solid characterization even if the twist hadn't been there, he has a bit of an arc in this case alone with his own doubts and stuff, so it really feels like we would be finished with him and that he's not obviously made for a twist later on.

(......Ack! I've run out of snide comments!)
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