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Imagining Character VoicesTopic%20Title
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Atuyhan Ihdamdhas

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Ever thought about what the Ghost Trick characters' voices might sound like? Here is what I hear: (The voices are echoed for the Ghost World.)

Sissel- Between tenor and baritone, American accent.
Lynne- Same voice as Athena Cykes.
Missile- Almost like Anton Yelchin's voice, American accent.
Ray- George Takei's voice.
Kamila- I'm still trying to decide Kamila's.
Cabanela- Thin English accent, a low, smooth tone.
Jowd- Cave Johnson
Justice Minister- Leonard Nimoy's voice.
Emma (The novelist)- Remember the actress Katara from the second-to-last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Same voice.
Rindge- Welsh accent, slightly nasal.
Beauty- Thick Russian accent.
Dandy (Beauty's companion)- DD Apollo with a thick English accent.
Sith- The Sniper from Dota 2.
Yomiel- Baritone version of Sissel's voice.

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Re: Imagining Character VoicesTopic%20Title
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Wax Philosophical Power Hour

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Cabanela - Thick American accent, nasal, draggy, a tiny bit high.
Jowd - Warm and deep, mostly talks in major key, so to speak.
Sissel - Low in volume, timid yet a bit abrasive, a bit whispering-like.
Lynne - Strong, a bit deep, definitely not monotone.
Kamila - Children like, but not overly high-pitched, slightly monotone.
Dandy - High-pitched, grovelling, draggy and very nasal.
Beauty - Russian accent, kinda nasal, deep.
Missile - Happy sounding, high in tone, soft voice.
Yomiel - A pretty "regular" voice, but also very strong and clear, and pronounces everything very clearly as well.
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Re: Imagining Character VoicesTopic%20Title
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Cabanela - A drawling, slightly nasal yet smoothly flowing tenor with a New York accent.
Sissel - Very quiet and rather low.
Jowd - A deep, warm and "comforting" voice.
Yomiel - A very clear voice - speaks clearly as well, "hard" pronounciations.
Lynne - A rather "upbeat" voice, talks fast, husky.
Beauty - East European accent, deep voice, quite menacing.
Dandy - He sounds humble, a light, airy voice with a tone that seems to ask for forgiveness all the time - submissive.
Bailey - An "average" pitch, but it gets shrill when he's nervous or excited.
Emma - Posh - or trying to sound it, British accent, deep voice that can get quite dramatical.
Camila - High pitched with a bit of hoarseness in it.
Guardian of the Park - Soft, airy voice, rrrrolling rrrs.
Amelie - A bit "whiny", can get shrill. British accent.
Missile: Clear, loud voice.
Jeego: "Average" pitch, Spanish accent.
Tengo: A very husky, quite deep voice.
Justice minister: Weak, friendly voice.
Sith: Posh British accent, creaky voice.
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