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The Great Asinine Attorney - Herlock Sholmes VS Conan DoyleTopic%20Title
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Team Turnabout has finished a brand new Asinine Attorney, celebrating the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles!

In a parallel universe to Ace Attorney: The Shield of Justice, Detective Sherlock Holmes finds himself distraught with the realization that his name has been stolen. The ownership of the stories written by his assistant, Iris Wilson, is also threatened by the legal assailants in this scenario: the Conan Doyle Estate. Representatives of the estate claim that they never stole the detective's name in congruity with the writing of their fictional detective stories, but something truly asinine lies in store for the plaintiffs when they reach the Old Bailey for trial. Within the world of The Great Ace Attorney, the line between truth and fiction is now blurred beyond belief. And so, at the start of the 20th century, an intense legal battle over the rights of a particular detective franchise would debut.

You can watch the video here:

As always, thanks for reading these posts!
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