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Phoenix Wright: Barrylawn VS DrDigertzTopic%20Title
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So I got this small shitty series that's based on this fanfiction by Barrylawn and DrDigertz which is made into a series of videos on youtube. They're made in Windows Movie Maker the best possible choice for a high quality series like this

This isn't a 100% faithful adaptation, as the dialogue is very different, but it follows the "plot" of the story as closely as possible. The crazy stuff stays, too.

Summary: Phoenix Wright and his teacher Ron Juicy go out and do stuff that maybe hopefully will stop the angry demon teacher, Kek Owens from blowing up the world or whatever she said she was planning.


Chapter 1: Chapter Barrylawn
Chapter 2: Chapter DrDigertz
Chapter 4: Kek Owens
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