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WARNING: This is a crossover FanFic and will therefore break the rules of canonicity. This story has elements from a story I'm writing as well as Terraria and Pokémon.
SPOILER ALERT: This FanFic contains spoiler characters, as well as their spoilerish backstories.

Chapter One:

Clay Terran stood in the middle of a desert city, face to face with Helix Paradise's best magicians. They had been known for defeating interdimensionals, even Possessors. And Clay wasn't the strongest, as he barely matched even the weakest members of The 5/6L. But hey, at least he made up for it by having high HP, like 2000 HP, right?

Clay summoned his Star Wrath and had the first move, summoning falling stars which rained down upon the sorcerers, scorching them and dealing plenty of damage. Clay was so sure he was going to kerb-stomp them this time. The magicians responded by summoning their own magic. First, they summoned fireballs with maroon trails in groups of three, reminiscent of Betsy's Wrath. Clay dodged them as best as he could, but their explosions got the better of him. The last few were even more painful so he checked his stats to find his defences were lowered... by a whopping 40! It must have been Betsy's Curse! The second phase was the summoning of a huge colony of bats which flew at him and brutally shredded Clay with their claws, leaving scratches all over his body and even ripping his clothes. After he repaired his clothes with his psychic abilities, Clay chugged down a healing potion and charged at them, flew into the air and threw his hand down as though he were Sans using blue magic and meteors fell from the sky and bashed the magicians like a Rock Tomb on a Fire-type. The magicians were all down, seemingly dead.

Clay smirked and was about to turn to the crowd when a subtle yet growing pain in his chest and he felt his life slowly ebbing away. One of the magicians was using a Life Drain on him! Clay summoned more meteors to finish off that pest only for them to bounce off a barrier of Hellstone. Clay was breathing quickly and gritting his teeth. He clearly wasn't having any fun anymore, he just wanted this to end already. He hurled purple nebula orbs which honed in on the final wizard and bounced off him and the Hellstone before attacking again and exploding in his face. But the magician would not even fall down and suddenly he uttered a spell in the name of Lord Helix, causing a dome of carbon**e to form over the wizards. Clay just stood there, confused and fearful, wondering whether he should charge in there and finish them off or just wait it out. He decided to attack, using his Nebula Pickaxe to smash through the carbon-frozen dome, shattering it into pieces. Almost immediately the dome seemed to react, a beam of pure heat and light seemed to blast Clay into the air but he managed to use his Solar Wings to right himself and land safely. All the magicians were standing again, as though nothing had happened. Clay sighed in total frustration as all this seemed to be in vain. If things continued like this he may need to retreat and get some more regeneration items from Stephanie and her village of merchants. But when Clay looked inside his inventory he noticed he still had plenty of items left. And hey, eventually they'll give up... in the name of Helix, right? And he only had to heal once. The battle quickly resumed, with Clay pulling out a Laser Machinegun and firing it, sending bright turquoise beams of light at the sorcerers, leaving them blackened holes in their skin and clothes, with wisps of smoke trailing from their bodies. By now Clay was exhausted, having just used so much mana more quickly than he could replace it. Now he was confined to dodging and blocking for now, just so he could recover. The next attacks were a wave of pink flames, which chased Clay and exploded on contact. So Clay was forced to block them with his Paladin's Shield, which absorbed damage but he still got hurt. But he still had at least 1300 HP. Finally, Clay's mana had been replenished and he attacked again, this time, using his Meowmere to attack up close, slashing and dealing plenty of damage and leaving the magicians unable to defend themselves, since they didn't have anything for close combat. But just as Clay was having fun with his sword of his, he felt a sharp, piercing, yet horribly familiar pain in his chest. One of the magicians had stabbed Clay Terran in the chest with a magical dagger, but Clay couldn't even bring himself to think about what just happened. Instead, he saw his best friend Apollo Justice, plunging a utility knife into his chest. Then Clay forced himself to see memories of his friends' desperate attempts to reunite the two and reconcile them, with Luke, Red and Randall the driving forces behind it all. The image of Apollo with the knife was gone. It was just a sorcerer with his magic dagger, and magic daggers didn't do much damage, right? No, wait! That attack took at least 600 HP off! What was the meaning behind this? Then Clay remembered... attacks on interdimensionals and Pokémon deal more damage when they trigger bad memories or fears. How could he have missed that?

To say that Clay was scared was an understatement - he was pissing himself! He now knew victory was very far away indeed, although he knew it was within reach. He just had to heal himself and keep going. Surely things wouldn't end this way! Clay flew out of the wizards' reach and gulped down another healing potion and was feeling a lot better. He felt cooler, as though his core temperature had dropped and his breathing and heart rate were slower and calmer. The pain had also ceased and was replaced with a feeling of coolness, as though mint had been applied to the affected areas. These feelings brought relief to Clay. But the wizards were pissed as well. They had had enough.
"So you're not going to give up, huh? Do you even play fair? You're not even official! Go back to your spaceships, star-lover!"
"Don't you realise," Clay laughed back, "I'm a combat pragmatist. I'm not here to have what you call a "fair fight"! I'm here to survive! I'm here to kill you!"
"Hee hee hee," the wizard at the front laughed, preparing a ball of darkness behind his back, "Either way, you shall know the consequences of not obeying our True Lord Helix!"
At that moment, the sorcerer let loose, surrounding Clay with an aura of darkness which closed on him and in an instant, his worst memories came to life - his parents dying, bullies, much stronger than him, beating him up while he was powerless to do anything, the growing mental chaos in his head, getting attacked by his best friend, Romans trying to crucify everyone, seeing his friends go through all sorts of trauma at the hands of a curse, carbon monsters trying to take over the world and finally, seeing Helix Paradise abuse children and women. And the visions emphasised how utterly helpless and useless he was, even if he wasn't.
Then more visions came.
Each one was so horrifying, each one even more horrific than the last. They stamped themselves in Clay's mind so bad that he could not even bring himself to describe them. But they had feelings of helplessness, uselessness, violation and even death. No amount of screaming would mask the pain and hopelessness that Clay felt while his mind was brutally tortured, raped and maimed.

When it finally ended, Clay was dazed, confused and feeling really sick. He tried to summon a healing potion to get himself back in the fight but he couldn't. He tried to summon a Star Wrath, but his hand remained empty. He looked at his HP, and found he had just 296 reserve HP as his battling HP, all 2000 of it had all been lost, only his determination kept him awake. Now Clay knew why they were so powerful! Their Mind-Rape techniques were so bad they just had to render him powerless. He looked so scared and hurt in the dry dirt. The sorcerers grabbed his arms but Clay refused to budge.
"Get up you stupid rebel," the magician leader yelled, "You've been defeated! It's over!"
"Not yet," Clay muttered, "You can still burn in hell!" The sorcerer slapped him in the face, "Helix is our real God, he'll never send us to hell!"

Spoiler: Author's Notes
- The term "rape" in this story refers to "mind rape", an attack on the mind, so-called because of the parallels with physical rape - violation of privacy and consent, humiliation and the corrupt perversion of what would otherwise be enjoyable.
- The visions of Apollo attacking Clay with the knife is of the Cosmic Turnabout and is a headcanon where The Phantom wore a mask of Apollo Justice when he stabbed Clay.
- Clay's powers and the powers of fellow interdimensionals draws from their mental power and imagination. If they can't concentrate due to the chaos in their heads, they may be unable to summon their items/magic.

To all the creepypastas, Romans, etc. ... 9d1_hq.gif

Hydrophyl the Feraligatr is going to rearrange the Phantom's kneecaps! You never know, I used him, and only him - to defeat the entire E4 and all of Kanto's Gym leaders, believe it or not!

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