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Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]
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Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Sun Dec 09, 2007 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

These are done for an unusual themes challenge (can't advertise it XD), for which I chose Pearl/Trucy. I have THREE of these going now, 2 of which are posted here. Phew.

Title: Not domestic
Author: Ayries
Pairing/Characters: Trucy and Pearl.
Word Count: 281
Warning: Slight GS4 spoilers...
Prompt: Cooking together

If anything went wrong Trucy was definitely, definitely blaming Pearl for this. No questions asked.

Trucy was a not a domestic person. As her poor father could testify, her room was a tip. She could probably burn water if she set her mind to it. And the last time she'd used the washing machine, it had blown up in a most dramatic manner. So quite on Earth how Pearl had talked her into making Aunt Maya a birthday cake was a mystery.

But here they were, in the small room that passed for a kitchen in the Wright residence, with Trucy trying in vain to sieve flour without getting it all over herself and the floor, and Pearl expertly cracking eggs into a small bowl with the ease of one who had done nothing else all their life.

"Erm... Pearl... does it matter if there's a little bit less flour in the recipie?"

Turning to scowl at her friend, the girl in question slapped her on the shoulder accusingly. "Of course it does!" After finishing the attack on Trucy's arm, she turned to look properly at her for several long moments, before doubling over with giggles at the thoroughly humble white coated girl in front of her.

Sighing, said white coated girl crossed her arms and glared.

After a few more moments, she decided she really wasn't happy with this situation, and in a fit of annoyance, emptied the bowl of eggs over the other girl's head.

The cake never got made, and her father really wasn't pleased coming home to the kitchen looking like a battleground.

Pearl was just annoyed that yes, Trucy did have the nerve to blame her.

Title: Unfamiliar
Author: Ayries
Pairing/Characters: Trucy/Pearl
Word Count: 310
Warning: Gay. Teenage kissing.
Prompt: Hit me baby one more time

Actually, scratch that, she wasn't really familiar with music full stop. Most of her childhood had been spent listening to educational tapes, or traditional Japanese music that her mother was fond of. So when Trucy had put on something called 'Britney Spears', she was understandably confused as to why Trucy was so shocked that she wasn't aware of who she was supposed to be listening to.

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby, baby
I shouldn't have let you go
And now you're out of sight, yeah
Show me how want it to be
Tell me baby 'cause I need to know now, oh because-


"What? This is a classic, Pearls!"


"It is!"

Pearl was having a hard time envisioning this. But Trucy was getting into it properly now and had grabbed her friends' wrists and hauled her to her feet, before proceeding to start... well, she supposed it could be called dancing, though not of the type she thought of- wiggling and shoving her arms above her head as she laughed delightedly. Pearl wasn't quite sure what to do- none of her lessons had prepared her for this, and anyway, just letting herself go in front of someone... it was embarrassing.

"Come on, Pearls!" Whined her friend, but Pearl just shook her head and quietly sat down, watching her friend dance. It was almost entrancing- Trucy was surprisingly agile and graceful for a teenager, and Pearl was so focused she missed her coming closer and bending over until they were only inches away from each other.

And then Trucy pecked her on the lips, pulled her up and put her hands around Pearl's shoulders. And suddenly she was entrancing in an entirely different way, and silly and uneducational and unconventionally so as it was, this music was the most romantic thing in the world.

Author:  Mia_Fey [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

They were both very cute. The first is definitely my favorite, but both are sweet. Nice job!

Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

Title: Cheap and cheerful.
Wordcount: 513
Warnings: Vague lesbian-ness at the end, and adorabe Christmas fluff? Sliiiight spoilers for 4-1.
Characters: Trucy/Pearl
Prompt: 02. Cheap mascara.

She hadn't really expected to get much out of the present, to be entirely honest. She could be quite girly at times, she supposed, but overall Trucy wasn't much of a makeup kind of girl. Polly obviously didn't know what to get her though, and it was kind of funny how he was so nervous as to if it was OK and did she like this and...

Really, that was a present in itself. He was just so easy to get flustered... She got a good giggle at his expense.

It wasn't even really good makeup- the kind that came in a big box of colours and silly shapes, cheap but quite cheerful she supposed. It would do for when she needed any, she supposed. But normally, she just needed stage makeup.

The box remained unused for most of the day, until around five thirty, when Pearls and Aunt Maya came round- about a day and a half early, but- as Aunt Maya said- who was counting? Well, Daddy was, but he stopped sulking. Eventually. Still, she got their presents early, so Trucy wasn't complaining.

After a while she decided to slope off with Pearls- they'd broken out the mulled wine, and a drunk Maya did not a happy sight make- and they ended up on the floor in her bedroom, comparing presents (though, Trucy noticed, Pearls didn't really do them that much, she mostly just gave cards.). When she got the makeup out to show her, though, Pearls perked up.

"I can never really get hold of makeup in Kurain, it's really expensive to order out of the village for it..."

With an answering grin, Trucy just grabbed the box and popped it open.

"Care for a sample, Miss Fey?"

"That would be lovely, Miss Wright."


Pearl really did have lovely eyes, so she started with the mascara. It was cheap- and so startlingly dark, gunky, plus it made her eyelashes stick together- they were covered in the thick stuff. Normally, this didn't work at all. But on Pearls, the clumps gave them some kind of edge- it looked like she had lots of smaller and longer lashes, and it just about worked. Still, it was kind of weird seeing the naive, sheltered, innocent girl with jet black lashes, sort of like what it would be like if you saw Ariel with a tattooed tail; or a My Little Pony with a skull on it.

Anyway, once she'd gotten it just perfect (and that took a while), she hunted around for a mirror. In the end she found a little wooden affair and held it up proudly, smiling as Pearls inspected the handiwork, turning her head this way and that, obviously finding the look a novelty.

"Do you... think this'll help a boy like me? Like a special-"

"Pearl, if you don't start using the word 'boyfriend' soon, I will kill you. End of!"


Trucy gave a hugely exaggerated sigh and rolled her eyes.

"And to answer your question, quite possibly."

Though not if she could do anything about it.

Author:  Miles_the_attorney [ Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

I LOVE these. Keep up the good work.

Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me adding links to these as a podfic? A podfic is like podcast but fic~ Like and audiobook! Someone started up a community for them and I intend to do them. My voice is a little girly and high and teenager-y. So I could probably pull it off half decent.

Just wondering!

Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

HEY GUYZ I decided WHAT THE HELL, here's 'Not Domestic' (warnings etc further up~!) read by yours truly.

Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

Title: Still feels wet [Ref to my first P/T =D]
Author: Ayries
Pairing: Pearl/Trucy
Word Count: 508 [Is that OK for here?]
Challenge: None
Author's Notes: The prompt on the kink meme was '16 year-old Pearl and Trucy try to make out with each other, but without Phoenix or Maya finding out. So, they find various places in Fey Manor to get busy. Bonus points if Phoenix and Maya DO find them making out." Well, I live to serve! The title is a ref. to the first P/T I wrote- also for the kink meme!

Mentions teen homosexuality, kissing, etc. You WUSSES =D

This is a special fic, not one of the 50 themes. =)

One, small, very well known spoiler concerning her family [4-1]

"We can't use the summoning room!"

"Oh, come ooon! You said there aren't any channelings booked today; no one will look in there!"

"But- but- it's not right! Not in there!"

After these words had been spoken, there followed an intense staring competition between the two girls. It was full of meaningful eye twitches and fantastically angry scowls. Who said Pearl Fey looked sweet again?

"OK. OK. Fine. So, where do you suggest we go, then?"

"Well... there's the winding way... it's kind of open for- erm- that-" She blushed here, much to Trucy's amusement. "But, well, it's not really used this time of day. And there's the spare room, as well... There's no one staying there right now..."

"You know, if we really wanted to be cliché, we could use a closet. Is there one?"

"T-Trucy!" She got a smack for that, but it was worth it.

"Fine, we'll use the spare room then. It's freezing out! Come on, you're going to have to show me the way... I don't know the place well enough."

Pearl, still faintly blushing, sighed and grabbed her wrist, setting off towards the manor, Trucy following with a grin like the Cheshire Cat.


Of course, when they got there, it was wondrously awkward to start with. The two girls, even at sixteen, weren't very experienced in the politics of dating. Plus, even with the screens closed, there was so much light and space in the room they felt exposed.

After a couple of minutes of tentative attempts, they heard someone whistling outside.

They broke apart, stared at each other, and dived underneath a blanket each until she'd left the yard.

"...Right, yeah, not working..."

"Pearl, your skills of observation astound me."

"Well... I suppose we could try the larder?"


"Well, you're the one who suggested a closet!"


After a moment's contemplation, Trucy had found herself unable to fault Pearl's logic, so the girls had snuck past the couple of women in the hall to get to the larder. Admittedly it was kind of cold, but oh well. Better than nothing. And at least it was dark in here.

The two were much less self conscious than they had been before, and so were really quite enjoying themselves. It was still weird (and, Trucy noted, still felt wet. And a bit sloppy.) but in a nice way- even if they were lent awkwardly against the shelves and their backs were hurting.

Of course, this meant that when the footsteps down the hall started, they were far too busy to consider pretending they were just getting something to eat.

And when the door opened, they didn't even bother acknowledging it until they heard a throat being cleared. At which point Pearl fell over and Trucy very nearly followed.


"O-oh! Hi... Hi, Daddy! Um... um... hi?"


"Mystic Maya! U-um, well, you see, we were just... just... getting... something to eat!"



Eventually, they got sick of this, and just pushed past them and ran down the hall, blushing furiously.

Author:  Miles_the_attorney [ Thu Dec 27, 2007 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

YAY!!! :pearl: / :minuki: FTW! *Clapping*

Author:  Ayries Kukku [ Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

Woo! =D

Also, I uploaded an audio version, again by me =)

Author:  Hikasu [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

I believe I have just found myself a new OTP...

...out of the near hundreds that I have.



:pearly: love ya, babe!

:minuki: I love you, too! Let's make out!

:pearly: UH...OKAY!

Author:  Quizer [ Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Channeling your magic [50 themes Pearl/Trucy, minor GS4]

Wow, these are great! I've seen 'Still feels wet' and its predecessor at the Kink Meme, too! Do write more when you get the inspiration!


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