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Chapter 1, the operationTopic%20Title
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I was inspired by Xero Wright's Ace College student fiction so I decided to write one of my RPs also.... Here it is!

Chapter 1: the Visit.

Phoenix Ash was escorted to hospital. He collapsed in the street and the doctors say there is a tumor in the kidney. It will be a serious operation. Violet slipped into the room Phoenix was staying in. She was shaking a bit because she hated hospitals more than anything in the world. She had seen so many people in her life, die in a place like this. She was afraid she might puke. But she got herself together and sat in a chair between the bed and the window. Phoenix saw her 'Hey......’ he coughed. "O-Oh, h-hello Phoenix... ugh..." Violet was looking a little pale, and looked like she could collapse at any moment. 'He coughed ‘I-I didn’t think you of all people would come….’ He said. You d-don't realize how hard it w-was for me to even s-step foot in h-here... she thought "O-Of course t-they'll come! T-They're y-your f-friends...”. He looked at her ‘Y-You’re my friend... R-Right?’ he coughed. She looked at him and said "O-Of c-course I a-am!" Trust me, if I wasn’t your friend, I wouldn't bother coming back here... She thought. ‘I-I thought y-you hated m-me.....' Phoenix said. "I don't h-hate you." She said. '..............I-I always......' he turned his head to her and tears ran down his pale face 'A-Am I going t-to be A-a-Alright... V-Vi?' he asked.
You'll be fine, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, she thought
"I d-don't know." She replied, upset I'll be fine right! Course I will! You're stronger than me! Of course you'll be fine. Ok, Vi! I'll be extra strong for you too! She thought. He coughed ‘I-I didn’t..... You don't know?' tears streamed down him, but still he smiled. I-I can't see the f-future." She said, trembling. 'he he......’ he chuckled and coughed ’I suppose........ I-If I d-d-die...... w-will you r-remember me?' he said, still smiling. "'Course I will." Violet said, breathing heavily. 'He he..... G-good…’ he said and coughed once again ‘ I-I can't I-Imagine I w-would end l-like this......' he said, trembling also. "You're not going to die." Violet said coolly, brushing her hair back, "Trust me.”. Phoenix coughed and said 'I-I-I don't------ ' he coughed and gasped and this time…. This time he coughed blood
Re: Chapter 1, the operationTopic%20Title
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It's kind of like a true story, yet it was never true, yet it happened once before...
I'm waiting for Chapter two.
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