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Allo allo!

Thanks for clicking and checking out my art! It's much appreciated! I draw for hobby's sake, so check back here and there are you should find some new stuff (Or previously unfinished pieces that are now completed)!

As a side note I take forever to draw because distractions and lack of time and other things but if I get into the groove, things start flowing. :rock'n:

Spoiler: Klavier Achtung!

Spoiler: Klavier Ema

Sorry, I don't have the highest quality camera shot for this one.
Spoiler: Apollo Painting

In progress stuffs: They've been on a weird hiatus for a while is why I'm posting them. I'll get to them.. eventually. :yummy:

Spoiler: In da Park lil Klavier Ema

Spoiler: Magic Panties

But yups that's all for now! Thanks again for taking the time to take a look! :kristoph:
Rhythm Heaven+Ace Attorney. Uncle Ray and Klavier Gavin need to be in court together. <3
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