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It's been awhile since I've even logged on here but I've been recently getting back into AA, which also means I'm drawing my original characters for it a lot more. Honestly, I can't imagine my "fan game" project going into production or even coming to fruition, but I can always plan things related to it for the fun of it! I've recently drawn something involving all of the main characters in relation to this little project, and suddenly felt inclined to share it. (Though, if anyone is interested in learning more about any of them, or the story in general, I'd be happy to perhaps make a post about it here!)

Characters listed left to right: Ether Realle, Summer Star, Ada Lovell, Tyler Joseph Reed, Winter Star, and Orion Star.


Meanwhile everything on my profile is so outdated since I've been here last, fftt-- maybe someday I'll update that. In the meantime, hello again, everyone, and I hope that you all have a wonderful Halloween!
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