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Where's Croik?Topic%20Title
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Guys, I've been noticed this for a long time now, but I don't see Croik in Court-Records anymore. What's possibly the reason for her disappearance? Is she never coming back on Court-Records? Yeah, none of my business, but I still want to know. So Please answer.

And Don't Post any Rude Comments! :tigre: If you do, I WILL report it, so please be polite. After all Hobohodo Says, "It doesn't hurt to be polite." :hobolaugh:

In any case, please reply. I'll be waiting. :maya:

This account is dead. Link to my DeviantART.
Re: Where's Croik?Topic%20Title
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she's probably just too busy to hang out with dumb nerds on the internet anymore
Re: Where's Croik?Topic%20Title
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For all intents and purposes, she's no longer here. It's possible she'll pop in from time to time, but it's unlikely.
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