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What does CR think about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?Topic%20Title
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9 years after it originally aired I have finally caught up to this pop-culture hit of an anime show. It's well worth the hype thus far. I remember seeing Haruhi being mascotted everywhere in memes, video games, hearesay etc. back in the day and I tried to watch a few clips and stuff but I didn't quite get what it was at the time. Figuring out the right order to watch the episodes in is a real bitch I have to say but I came across a guide on how the episodes correlated to the original books, so I stuck to that and then I'll top it off with the movie if I can find that somewhere.

It's a really... interesting show and I still don't know what to make of the plot yet because I have a feeling it's not the primary concern of fans given how bizarrely ambiguous it is about its own canon but it doesn't really matter because I feel like I get this show and its characters. I have a feeling about what the idea behind the story is but I'm reserving judgement for my after-the-fact reflections.

I have to say, I'm not much of an anime-guy myself so maybe I've simply been missing out, but I think there's an undeniable quality to just the direction, the casting and all things production-related for this show. The characters shine very bright. They're full of personality even the all-but-mute mystery girl Nagato Yuki, but there's so many subtle touches that makes the show stand out from other anime I've seen. Quirks of animation and suprisingly human gestures, fun remarks -- the show just feels like it was produced with care and respect for whatever it's based on.

I'll hold off on more thoughts but I'd like to know CR's reflections on this anime as well as its other offspring and I invite all opinions good or bad :athena: :simon:
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Re: What does CR think about the Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiTopic%20Title
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I may be out of touch with current anime trends, but I have a feeling anime is not what it used to be. Many amazing series came about in the 2010s, plus of minutes 3-5 years. Haruhi being one of them. I mention that anime trends have changed, because I feel rewatching Haruhi, even as a devoted fan who read the novels, I would not enjoy it as much.

Maybe I've matured, no longer 16 years old for one, but Haruhi has a special place in my heart, though I do think it is beyond my scope of interests now.

I'm happy this gem resonated with you.
Re: What does CR think about the Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiTopic%20Title
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I remember really liking this series back around 2006/2007. It was a fresh concept of a series to me at the time and presented some interesting characters and ideas that I really enjoyed. I only got around to watching the first season and reading several of the light novels that were translated online at the time before they came over here to the States. I never got to see how this series truly ended, but it was definitely a fun ride for sure. I feel the fact too that this series felt more character driven than plot driven at the time really set this apart from me. The ambiguity of the motivations of some of the characters really helps to hold your interest as well from what I recall.

I'm real curious as to how it holds up for me nowadays, but I'm glad to see you're really enjoying it. I feel it's a series every anime fan should check out at least once. Perhaps I should give this series another go at some point myself.
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Man...that looks dull...this actually makes me worried for KH3 (since that team worked on the battle system)

I feel the same
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