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Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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Aaaand it's all over! That took quite a while, very sorry for how long it was. Thank you everyone for participating and making this game so much fun! We really did appreciate it. We hope you enjoyed as well and hopefully our silly mistakes didn't detract too much overall from the experience.

First off, some acknowledgements.

I have to start off this list with Doctor Nanjo. He was a tremendous help to me while making this game. Whether it was coming up with the basic setting or fleshing out most of the locations and making most of the events really shine, or just helping out a lot with alibis and coming up with most of the complex movements/mystery minutiae, he really did justice to most of the game and I genuinely don't think it could have been as good as it was without him. A very helpful and kind guy who also helped destress me during some of the trials. Many thanks to you, Nanjo.
Thanks to jumpfight5 and TheLetterF for their volunteering for chapter 1 victim and killer, respectively. I know they're both not exactly very coveted positions but you both fulfilled your roles very well and we had fun with the both of you.
I thank Franzise Deauxnim as well. I know chapter 3 was sort of hit and miss in many ways but your cooperation was pretty essential in making the ending come together nicely and I'm glad that you were satisfied with Shizune's send-off at the very least.
A huge thank you to JesusMonroe as well! He helped come up with a majority of the mystery for chapter 4 and it was thanks to him that most of it came about so smoothly. Benjamin was also a very cool character and overall I'd say he benefited the cast pretty nicely.
Big thanks to SaizotheSixth as well. He played a very important role in the game as mastermind and helped us come up with stuff related to that and was also responsible for a decent part of the story. He was very fun to GM for and Nail was probably my favourite F6 character as well so really good job on that, we were glad to have you with us.
Our great friend Planetbox also gets a mention for accidentally coming up with Enola, a huge centrepiece in the F6 plot. It was really fun to write around her and the chapter intros and poems you wrote for her were really fun and helped build up the mystery surrounding her. And also for just having fun spectating the game regardless and discussing all the characters/cases with us pretty nicely. The dead threads were as active as they were thanks to you mostly.
WinterCoat, CaptainPancakes, KamiPanda and cold52 all get special shoutouts just because I thought your characters were all pretty cool and stood out nicely.
And finally, many thanks to everyone who kept spectating the game and commenting in the dead threads and such even after your role in the game had long ended. You guys are the reason the final vote was able to happen at the end, that too seamlessly as well. Thank you all.

That's about it, QTs coming up now.

Spoiler: Personal QTs
Lavender Fae the Star Ballerina:
Carrie the Star Spelunker:
Charlotte Church the Star Community Benefactor:
Bennett Rodarte the Star Bounty Hunter:
Micah Yandell the Star Archaeologist:
Klifford Pratt the Star Pediatrician:
Matt Gustily the Star Mechanic:
Ciro PĂ©rez the Star Sushi Chef:
Benjamin Bledsoe the Star Torture Specialist:
Shizune Takata the Star Typist:
Ivan Ivanov the Star Officer:
Daniel Kennedy the Star Drill Instructor:
Oliver Abrams the Star Performer:
Sebastian Torr the Star Cleaner:
Brandy Henn the Star Treasure Hunter:
Nail/Haley the Star Duality:
Enola Gardner the Star Poet:

Spoiler: EFLs

Matt and Benjamin (Orange Tent):
Oliver and Ivan (Blue Tent):
Brandy and Charlotte (Green Tent):
Sebastian and Klifford (Purple Tent):
Bennett and Lavender (White Tent):
Micah and Shizune (Yellow Tent):
Ciro and Daniel (Red/Black Tent):
Carrie and Nail (Outside):


Brandy and Carrie:
Brandy and Nail:
Ciro and Ivan:
Charlotte and Benjamin:
Ciro and Benjamin:
Bennett and Brandy:
Sebastian and Bennett:
Charlotte and Bennett:
Oliver and Brandy:
Klifford and Shizune:
Sebastian and Shizune:
Sebastian and Matt:
Haley and Brandy:
Sebastian and Brandy:
Benjamin and Sebastian:
Oliver and Klifford:
Benjamin and Oliver:
Brandy and Klifford:

Spoiler: Bonus QTs

Let me know if I missed anything in there but I'm pretty certain that's most of it.

Anyway, feel free to discuss your thoughts on the game now. I'm aware that there's... quite a few controversial points here and there as well.
Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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okay gosh I'll post

Overall I enjoyed the game. I think of myself as more of a spectator in it though, so I couldn't really judge the mysteries aside from the last one, which was fine but frustrating. I liked the cast well enough I guess. Might comment on them more in the QT if I feel like it. My favorite part was obviously the overall plot. I think the entire game had its own unique style that unified it in a way some other games aren't. Though I do think it could be a little too edgy sometimes.

I'll admit though, I wasn't that invested in my actual role in the game. Felt more or less like a job sometimes, but hopefully people enjoyed it. I think I did the best I could considering the circumstances. Main issue was I had trouble showing substantial growth outside of EFLs cause I was distracted with the trial and then the post-trial was really short. Maybe the ending will help with that. I guess I wish she had been more relevant though; her family being down there wasn't as important to the plot as I would have liked. I didn't expect her dad to turn up dead at all, but then it turned out he just sorta died before the game.

Anyway I'll just stop here so the more directly involved people can do their thing. I don't think I have another full game in me, so I'll probably be skipping the next one for real this time. Maybe I'll still spectate though. At least I went out on a pretty cool note. I might get back into joining some smaller games though probably.
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Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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bruce worst character k thx bye
Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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Good game, had a lot of fun, even when I didn't.

My short opinion is that I thoroughly enjoyed the game and found the main plot to be a lot of fun (even if it did just kind fall off at the end, but that's an issue that I feel results from F6-5's trial). I'll do detailed chapter opinions and character rankings tomorrow.

Good work to everyone who took part in the game!
Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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Oh hey, it's over!

Congrats on finishing the game, SC and Nanjo! Lots of fun to play (despite how little I ended up actively playing) and watching after Benny kicked the bucket.

Real quick though ignoring all the real players I really enjoyed Enola a lot. Like some others have said in their QTs (If I remember right, at least) I just wish she was actually more involved in the plot.

I'll probably latch my opinions on other things as they're brought up by other people though. I hope everyone had a real good time playing the game as well!
Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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This game was okay. I think this was my least favorite cast though.

Here are some complaints: I have real quips with the way Nail was handled because it was 100% obvious he was the mastermind. It was so obvious that it would have been too obvious, yet it still ended up that way, so that was kind of disappointing. The amount of stuff he did for literally no reason was really bothersome and muddled up a lot of the trials. I don't really have a commentary on the whole Satan thing. This isn't really about the character himself, but his role within the game was really frustrating. I'm probably in the minority but I very much disliked him as a mastermind because everything surrounding him was just purposely confusing and obvious at the same time.

I also don't really like how Ivan was handled in Chapter 5. I think I put in some concerns about how to take the character since he was gonna kill, and it was still super weird how the motives and stuff came to be. Mostly my fault for not speaking up about it enough, since I didn't really want to take away from the direction the GMs wanted. I dislike Ivan anyway so it's whatever, lol. (Also I can't believe he survived...)

This game had some really good story beats like Shizune's death and Benjamin's escape. I thought a lot of the character relationships like Bennett x Seb were really interesting. I think having pre-established relationships is a good idea and helped a lot of characters.

I don't really have a character ranking (don't think I ever had one). My favorite is actually Charlie. I think she should have lived longer :( I also really liked Daniel. Brandy was pretty good too. But yeah like I said this was my least favorite cast since F2. But I mean, there weren't many *bad* characters, so it's whatever. Not all games can have winners, and people will eventually have a bad character sooner or later, so it's not really a knock on anyone.

I think it was this game where I could really feel a sense of tiredness from a lot of people. Maybe it was just me being tired myself, or Lone talking about how burnt out he was. Next F game probably won't be for a while. I'm sure it will happen though. I think these games are really special because when people want to put the work into a forum game like this, really excellent things happen. So I think these games should continue for as long as people are willing to participate, even if things feel repetitive and mute.

I'll probably have more to say later. GGs, big thanks to SC and Nanjo. This was definitely the most ambitious game and I have a ton of respect for the work they put into it.
Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game ThreadTopic%20Title
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(Let me pre-empt all criticism with idk where I'd find the time to fix the problems with F6. Like I was working on it all the time and there is still a laundry list if things I'd like to rework/smoothen out/add. That's probably been the most overwhelming part of this game and it makes me feel like we overreached.)

Anyway before I go on a long rant about what needs to be done in future games, I'd like to thank everyone for a good game. Everyone brought a character that I can appreciate and felt fun to me. Pretty much everyone played their role well. I do think that the overall feel of the cast wasn't balanced that well and it lead to an overall boring feel sometimes. This also probably ties into a certain degree of exhaustion that people have for f games and how it's difficult to overcome that. But yeah there was a lot of quality work done so I don't wanna overshadow that with negativity.

My thought on future f games is that in order to produce a fresh game we need fresh (or refreshed) people and fresh character ideas. Additionally, I really think the game would work well with 4 chapters, and that'll help you focus your energy better and maybe make us more diligent at pacing characterization. Also yeah do what you an but don't bite off more than you can do. Managing people's personal backstory stuff was stressful and like overpromised on. Also Dangan Ronpa is foremost a social game. When designing events or whatever, it's more important to think about the interactions it will inspire. So don't think "bridge crossing" instead think like "choosing a leader" or "bartering game" or something like that. And yeah maybe take advantage of tone more than we did. Cases 1+2 had like the same tone. Be sure to bring vivid and wild environments and stuff that make each chapter shine.

Hopefully that's helpful. Again ggs.
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