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Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread
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Author:  Southern Corn [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Aaaand it's all over! That took quite a while, very sorry for how long it was. Thank you everyone for participating and making this game so much fun! We really did appreciate it. We hope you enjoyed as well and hopefully our silly mistakes didn't detract too much overall from the experience.

First off, some acknowledgements.

I have to start off this list with Doctor Nanjo. He was a tremendous help to me while making this game. Whether it was coming up with the basic setting or fleshing out most of the locations and making most of the events really shine, or just helping out a lot with alibis and coming up with most of the complex movements/mystery minutiae, he really did justice to most of the game and I genuinely don't think it could have been as good as it was without him. A very helpful and kind guy who also helped destress me during some of the trials. Many thanks to you, Nanjo.
Thanks to jumpfight5 and TheLetterF for their volunteering for chapter 1 victim and killer, respectively. I know they're both not exactly very coveted positions but you both fulfilled your roles very well and we had fun with the both of you.
I thank Franzise Deauxnim as well. I know chapter 3 was sort of hit and miss in many ways but your cooperation was pretty essential in making the ending come together nicely and I'm glad that you were satisfied with Shizune's send-off at the very least.
A huge thank you to JesusMonroe as well! He helped come up with a majority of the mystery for chapter 4 and it was thanks to him that most of it came about so smoothly. Benjamin was also a very cool character and overall I'd say he benefited the cast pretty nicely.
Big thanks to SaizotheSixth as well. He played a very important role in the game as mastermind and helped us come up with stuff related to that and was also responsible for a decent part of the story. He was very fun to GM for and Nail was probably my favourite F6 character as well so really good job on that, we were glad to have you with us.
Our great friend Planetbox also gets a mention for accidentally coming up with Enola, a huge centrepiece in the F6 plot. It was really fun to write around her and the chapter intros and poems you wrote for her were really fun and helped build up the mystery surrounding her. And also for just having fun spectating the game regardless and discussing all the characters/cases with us pretty nicely. The dead threads were as active as they were thanks to you mostly.
WinterCoat, CaptainPancakes, KamiPanda and cold52 all get special shoutouts just because I thought your characters were all pretty cool and stood out nicely.
And finally, many thanks to everyone who kept spectating the game and commenting in the dead threads and such even after your role in the game had long ended. You guys are the reason the final vote was able to happen at the end, that too seamlessly as well. Thank you all.

That's about it, QTs coming up now.

Spoiler: Personal QTs
Lavender Fae the Star Ballerina:
Carrie the Star Spelunker:
Charlotte Church the Star Community Benefactor:
Bennett Rodarte the Star Bounty Hunter:
Micah Yandell the Star Archaeologist:
Klifford Pratt the Star Pediatrician:
Matt Gustily the Star Mechanic:
Ciro Pérez the Star Sushi Chef:
Benjamin Bledsoe the Star Torture Specialist:
Shizune Takata the Star Typist:
Ivan Ivanov the Star Officer:
Daniel Kennedy the Star Drill Instructor:
Oliver Abrams the Star Performer:
Sebastian Torr the Star Cleaner:
Brandy Henn the Star Treasure Hunter:
Nail/Haley the Star Duality:
Enola Gardner the Star Poet:

Spoiler: EFLs

Matt and Benjamin (Orange Tent):
Oliver and Ivan (Blue Tent):
Brandy and Charlotte (Green Tent):
Sebastian and Klifford (Purple Tent):
Bennett and Lavender (White Tent):
Micah and Shizune (Yellow Tent):
Ciro and Daniel (Red/Black Tent):
Carrie and Nail (Outside):


Brandy and Carrie:
Brandy and Nail:
Ciro and Ivan:
Charlotte and Benjamin:
Ciro and Benjamin:
Bennett and Brandy:
Sebastian and Bennett:
Charlotte and Bennett:
Oliver and Brandy:
Klifford and Shizune:
Sebastian and Shizune:
Sebastian and Matt:
Haley and Brandy:
Sebastian and Brandy:
Benjamin and Sebastian:
Oliver and Klifford:
Benjamin and Oliver:
Brandy and Klifford:

Spoiler: Bonus QTs

Let me know if I missed anything in there but I'm pretty certain that's most of it.

Anyway, feel free to discuss your thoughts on the game now. I'm aware that there's... quite a few controversial points here and there as well.

Author:  JesusMonroe [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:49 am ]
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Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:21 am ]
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Author:  Planetbox [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

okay gosh I'll post

Overall I enjoyed the game. I think of myself as more of a spectator in it though, so I couldn't really judge the mysteries aside from the last one, which was fine but frustrating. I liked the cast well enough I guess. Might comment on them more in the QT if I feel like it. My favorite part was obviously the overall plot. I think the entire game had its own unique style that unified it in a way some other games aren't. Though I do think it could be a little too edgy sometimes.

I'll admit though, I wasn't that invested in my actual role in the game. Felt more or less like a job sometimes, but hopefully people enjoyed it. I think I did the best I could considering the circumstances. Main issue was I had trouble showing substantial growth outside of EFLs cause I was distracted with the trial and then the post-trial was really short. Maybe the ending will help with that. I guess I wish she had been more relevant though; her family being down there wasn't as important to the plot as I would have liked. I didn't expect her dad to turn up dead at all, but then it turned out he just sorta died before the game.

Anyway I'll just stop here so the more directly involved people can do their thing. I don't think I have another full game in me, so I'll probably be skipping the next one for real this time. Maybe I'll still spectate though. At least I went out on a pretty cool note. I might get back into joining some smaller games though probably.

Author:  DootDootDoot [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread


bruce worst character k thx bye

Author:  WinterCoat [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Good game, had a lot of fun, even when I didn't.

My short opinion is that I thoroughly enjoyed the game and found the main plot to be a lot of fun (even if it did just kind fall off at the end, but that's an issue that I feel results from F6-5's trial). I'll do detailed chapter opinions and character rankings tomorrow.

Good work to everyone who took part in the game!

Author:  Kachu [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Oh hey, it's over!

Congrats on finishing the game, SC and Nanjo! Lots of fun to play (despite how little I ended up actively playing) and watching after Benny kicked the bucket.

Real quick though ignoring all the real players I really enjoyed Enola a lot. Like some others have said in their QTs (If I remember right, at least) I just wish she was actually more involved in the plot.

I'll probably latch my opinions on other things as they're brought up by other people though. I hope everyone had a real good time playing the game as well!

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread


This game was okay. I think this was my least favorite cast though.

Here are some complaints: I have real quips with the way Nail was handled because it was 100% obvious he was the mastermind. It was so obvious that it would have been too obvious, yet it still ended up that way, so that was kind of disappointing. The amount of stuff he did for literally no reason was really bothersome and muddled up a lot of the trials. I don't really have a commentary on the whole Satan thing. This isn't really about the character himself, but his role within the game was really frustrating. I'm probably in the minority but I very much disliked him as a mastermind because everything surrounding him was just purposely confusing and obvious at the same time.

I also don't really like how Ivan was handled in Chapter 5. I think I put in some concerns about how to take the character since he was gonna kill, and it was still super weird how the motives and stuff came to be. Mostly my fault for not speaking up about it enough, since I didn't really want to take away from the direction the GMs wanted. I dislike Ivan anyway so it's whatever, lol. (Also I can't believe he survived...)

This game had some really good story beats like Shizune's death and Benjamin's escape. I thought a lot of the character relationships like Bennett x Seb were really interesting. I think having pre-established relationships is a good idea and helped a lot of characters.

I don't really have a character ranking (don't think I ever had one). My favorite is actually Charlie. I think she should have lived longer :( I also really liked Daniel. Brandy was pretty good too. But yeah like I said this was my least favorite cast since F2. But I mean, there weren't many *bad* characters, so it's whatever. Not all games can have winners, and people will eventually have a bad character sooner or later, so it's not really a knock on anyone.

I think it was this game where I could really feel a sense of tiredness from a lot of people. Maybe it was just me being tired myself, or Lone talking about how burnt out he was. Next F game probably won't be for a while. I'm sure it will happen though. I think these games are really special because when people want to put the work into a forum game like this, really excellent things happen. So I think these games should continue for as long as people are willing to participate, even if things feel repetitive and mute.

I'll probably have more to say later. GGs, big thanks to SC and Nanjo. This was definitely the most ambitious game and I have a ton of respect for the work they put into it.

Author:  Doctor Nanjo [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

(Let me pre-empt all criticism with idk where I'd find the time to fix the problems with F6. Like I was working on it all the time and there is still a laundry list if things I'd like to rework/smoothen out/add. That's probably been the most overwhelming part of this game and it makes me feel like we overreached.)

Anyway before I go on a long rant about what needs to be done in future games, I'd like to thank everyone for a good game. Everyone brought a character that I can appreciate and felt fun to me. Pretty much everyone played their role well. I do think that the overall feel of the cast wasn't balanced that well and it lead to an overall boring feel sometimes. This also probably ties into a certain degree of exhaustion that people have for f games and how it's difficult to overcome that. But yeah there was a lot of quality work done so I don't wanna overshadow that with negativity.

My thought on future f games is that in order to produce a fresh game we need fresh (or refreshed) people and fresh character ideas. Additionally, I really think the game would work well with 4 chapters, and that'll help you focus your energy better and maybe make us more diligent at pacing characterization. Also yeah do what you an but don't bite off more than you can do. Managing people's personal backstory stuff was stressful and like overpromised on. Also Dangan Ronpa is foremost a social game. When designing events or whatever, it's more important to think about the interactions it will inspire. So don't think "bridge crossing" instead think like "choosing a leader" or "bartering game" or something like that. And yeah maybe take advantage of tone more than we did. Cases 1+2 had like the same tone. Be sure to bring vivid and wild environments and stuff that make each chapter shine.

Hopefully that's helpful. Again ggs.

Author:  Cold52 [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

gg's all around \o/

any critisisms aside (agree with CaptainPancakes the mastermind was rather obvious) this was a fun game. perhaps ill make a detailed post on my thoughts later but for now its time to read some elf's. :v

Author:  KamiPanda [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Good game everyone! Thanks SC and Nanjo for hosting. People never realise how much work it is to run one of these until they actually do so.

I don't think I have much to add that hasn't been said somewhere, sometime already. I'm bad at post-game threads.

Author:  Lone [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

gg guys

Sorry for my decreased activity and enthusiasm in the game, it's not on F6 at all. I've just finished my character rankings and posted them in my personal QT so... read at your own discretion.

Personally, I think these games need to go on a long hiatus. Make us want to play, have us positively begging for another one, make us start to feel nostalgic for them even.

And yeah, my activity was not good, especially compared to my prior games. I started a new job and such, which certainly took up time, but is not an excuse for me at all. Even on my days off, I wasn't that motivated enough to start reading it instantly like back in F1. Heck even before my job, I wouldn't even finish catching up until Panda was already waking up on the other side of the globe. F6 still brought a lot of new stuff to the table, which kept me engaged enough to follow it as a spectator.

The thing with F games in general for me, is that there's a lot of boring stuff you have to sift through to get to the good. DLs in general consistent of a lot of small talk and stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. Even back in F1, I'd force myself through the long DLs with this feeling of intense boredom washing over me. By the time I got through it, I could get to RPing with the rest of the people who were up at the time. The trials are the main draw, but even then, there's the really long alibi post you need to read through many times to understand what's going on, and then you need to do the same with everyone else's alibis. It's a lot of work, and really not fun. Note-taking somewhat helps smoothen the process, but even then, the initial note-taking is also really not-fun. Things pick up the next day when you get to solving stuff however.

My point being, it takes a lot of motivation to get through this stuff. The overall burnout meant that the prospect of reaching the good stuff wasn't really enough to coax me into getting through the bad. I still read through it all, but only very reluctantly. I don't think people would want the core trial system to be suddenly revamped, even if it would add to the element of not knowing (like in F1) at the cost of some streamlining. So... hopefully enough time will make us want things again, and make me motivated enough to read through the bad to get to the good.

I'll get to dead sprites later and post them in this thread. Let me know if you have any ideas (for your character or even someone else's).

Author:  WinterCoat [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Spoiler: Character Rankings
**NOTE: I mixed in the GM characters because they are just as important to the experience as the players. Do note, however, that the only character I outright hated was Micah, because even ones like Ciro and Bruce have better meme potential**

1. Enola - One-chapter wonder, even though we've been seeing stuff from her the whole game. I know Brandy's/my theory the whole time was that she was the mastermind, but I'm so glad she wasn't. She was fun to have as a party member at the end. Her role in the narrative was my favorite thing about the game. A+ to PB for writing all of those poems.

2. Charlotte - Finally, some good fucking food. Just copy/paste PB's opinion of her and put it here. She was a really good anchor character for Brandy, though, like Bennett whose ranking I wrote before this, she died a little earlier than she should've.

3. Benjamin - I didn't care for Benjamin much until the end, but his writing his really good and effective, and almost everything about him works. Also, I'm of the opinion that this game didn't need a ??? talent and that it's a cliche that needs to die. The only other criticism is that an outsider in a game where the premise is that everyone knows each other was kind of annoying.

4. Sebastian - The first non-GM Panda character I've interacted with. He actually reminded me of Taylor at first for some reason, but that quickly went away. His growth and presence in the story was really well-done, and I liked his promise to Shizune. He was really fun to interact with as Brandy (though I think we should've done more in-thread and that's mostly my fault).

5. Klifford - Not gonna rail on inactivity. I like Klifford conceptually and in practice, though I wish the sock puppets had more chances to be used. I liked his role in Chapter 3 a lot, and his gambling addiction was really effective and felt like it was one of the few vices in this game that was properly utilized, from its foreshadowing on the radio all the way up to his death.

6. Ivan - Really fun to watch his love for the town shine through in a lot of instances. I expected him to kill at some point, but he is another victim of my problems with Chapter 5's plot and structure. Overall the ending of his arc felt rushed as a result. Otherwise, his posts were very fun to read.

7A. Nail - I was very iffy on Nail from day 1. I like his role in the team, though sometimes him outright doing nothing was frustrating. I also think that him being the mastermind was something that was way too obvious as a red herring, so when he was actually revealed to be that it was really weird. I think that maybe if the approach to Chapter 5's entire case was different (something I'll get to later) the reveal wouldn't have suffered as much.

7B. Haley - I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but having another female, blue-haired character who acts like a massive prick that is also the mastermind (or part of, in this case) sounds a little familiar... Nonetheless, I enjoyed Haley for what she was, though I felt she was far more one-note as a result of less screentime, which is fine, really. I had fun figuring out she existed in Chapter 3. Not much else to say about her.

8. Oliver - Better than Taylor. Collin really tried to post when he could, and when he did it was good, so Oliver's slight inactivity I'm willing to gloss over. I liked Oliver just generally being nicer than Taylor and actually having positive interactions with the cast. He's also a good survivor.

9. Bennett - Needed one more chapter to screw around, in my opinion. Also needed to post more, but we've been over that on Discord. I really like his reveal and interactions with Brandy, though. His execution is still my favorite in the game, and the idea of him being a serial killer was good conceptually, but again maybe needed one more chapter of foreshadowing. He felt like a Chapter 4/5 killer in the second Chapter, which really threw me off.

10. Matt - Had a nice arc and was overall fun to watch yell at shit (Ch3 was the best), but Cold's grammar sometimes made reading his dialogue a bit of a chore.

11. Brandy - I know that a lot of you like her, but I feel like I really messed a lot of things up when writing her. After writing Skylar as a mostly un-apologetically mean prick, I wanted to try getting out of my comfort zone and writing someone a little (or a lot) nicer, but not to Nana levels of diabetes-inducing sweetness. I didn't want to give the impression that all of my characters would follow the same mold. I agree with most of Lone's points in particular, especially that her arc doesn't really make a lot of sense. My thing with not wanting to talk to Charlotte and so on in Chapter 3 has to do with the fact that I didn't want Brandy's character to revolve around someone else. Odds are, if I brought up Charlotte and Bennett more, everyone would've been like "Brandy talks too much about those two people what's her personality," or something. Brandy's arc is a lot more subtle than someone like Sebastian, but it's there. Her arc was more built around not wanting to be seen as inferior due to her disability, because I honestly didn't expect Charlotte and Bennett to die so early, which heavily affected the direction I wanted to go. So yeah, Brandy's thing is not wanting to be seen as inferior, which ties into her vice, which is her own self-doubt. She's constantly second guessing herself and wants to be "the hero" (as shown when she gets snippy at the idea of Sebastian and Benjamin always figuring things out, as well as trying to prolong letting Benjamin go free for as long as possible). I agree I could've done better, but it's nice to see that a lot of people liked her anyway since I don't usually write characters like her.

12. Shizune - This was not the game for this type of character. I like Shizune a bit, but this was not the game to use her in. I recall Franzise saying she didn't think the game would literally just be caves, so that might have something to do with the choice to use Shizune. You could tell Fran was tired with the story's tone by Chapter 3. Shizune didn't belong in this setting, unfortunately.

13. Daniel - He was good. Very one-note, but entertaining enough for me to not mind him living a long time. Yeah that's it.

14. Belphegor - Just an overall uninteresting Monokuma-type character. He was just too... dry. Like, there was just something I can't put my finger on that put me off of the character. I think it's maybe that his introduction was really good, but the rest of his time on screen was just a huge departure from that threatening first impression.

15. Carrie - Was a fun first victim and played the part really well. For a shitpost character, she was very entertaining.

16. Lavender - First killer who was fine, I guess. Nothing to really say about her.

17. Ciro - The most frustrating character for me. Lone's general apathy for the game really didn't help at all, and seeing Ciro just do random shit with little regard for others was really grating. I only have Nina to compare him to, so I guess she was better. That said, Ciro is a funny meme. Who else could dive into a moving car, move a large man out of the driver's seat, and start driving?

18. Bruce - This game didn't need a mascot character. At least, not a talking cartoon bat. I get that there needed to be a helpful GM character, but there had to be a better way to do it. Bruce broke the tension and took me out of the game nearly every time he spoke, which is why I'm glad he was barely present in the last two chapters.

19. Micah - You were all there for that day on Discord. I don't think I need to repeat myself. Nanjo stepping up to the plate was cool, though, but by that point it was too late.

BONUS: Beelzebub - Didn't really like his character arc :/ The part where he said that all women are thots really didn't sit right with me sorry bro

Author:  Joker [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

gg everyone

Like Panda, I'm bad at post game threads as well, so I think I'll keep this short.

First of all I'd like to say thank you to SC and Nanjo for hosting this game. Even though it took me a while to get motivated for it, I did have fun with the game. I'd have to agree with Pancakes though as I think this is probably one of my least favorite casts. It's probably my fault for being inactive in the first two chapters and not being active enough in EFLs, but I found it very hard to feel attached to most of the cast, and in the end there's only a few characters that I liked.

Another thing I didn't really care for was the magic spells and the supernatural element of the game. In my opinion, things like these should be kept out of a murder mystery game as things can get out of hand really fast, and they generally hurt more than they help. To be completely honest I still don't understand the chapter 2 trial to this day. Shit's confusing, yo.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next game and I really hope F7 happens since at the moment things aren't looking too good. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

To be completely honest I still don't understand the chapter 2 trial to this day. Shit's confusing, yo.

little person, little box

Author:  Southern Corn [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Okay all of this has inspired me, here's a character ranking

Spoiler: Character Ranking
SC’s F5 Character Ranking

Althea Agnes- Easily the best character from this game and to me, probably my favourite F character ever. Althea was funny, well written and pure. Even when she attempted to kill I really felt bad for her and I felt even worse seeing her realise that she couldn't save her grandpa. It was even better seeing her try to atone and put in the effort during trials. I also liked how she provided the more human reactions to all the bad things that happened in-game, and her backstory was pretty great too. My biggest criticism is that her attempted murder didn’t have too much of an effect on the cast afterwards but that’s more on the others than her. Overall, fantastic character. Had a lot of fun with her and my FTE with her is one of my personal highlights of the game even despite its rather chaotic ending. Doot really played her well and I’m glad she was given a chance to survive because she really deserved it.

Elijah Miller- I didn’t initially suspect I would be putting Eli this high, but here we are. Eli was a pretty cool guy and was one of the more helpful people in the trials. I was a little sceptical of him in the beginning given his talent and his dry, snarkier personality but he really grew on me through the game, especially in chapter 4. Guy was dedicated and also had some of the more humane reactions to a lot of things in-game. I liked the Ryan subplot as well as how it was handled. It gave a good closure to his character overall, and it was also an interesting moment for Evelyn to react to which also helped a lot. He did play the straight man role really well and could have been good protagonist material had he survived, though his motive was also an interesting antithesis to his character. Not sure I would put him above Anissa or Simon but he was definitely good as a character in his own right.

Nicos Agne- And right after Eli we have the other chapter 4 killer here! Nicos was a pretty funny guy who I wish I’d gotten to know better. He was cool and humorous and provided a lot of levity in the cast. He could have survived the game and I wouldn't have minded but I’m happy with his role as Hoshiko's killer. His motive was good and explained his actions well. Wish I learnt more about him but he’s my second favourite Pancakes character for sure (behind Ryuji). Never dipped too low for me either unlike other characters.

Vic Terry- It says a lot about the cast that Vic is this high even despite killing in chapter 1. Still, guy was pretty cool. I liked his simplistic talent as well as his silly pun name. He really felt like an F1 character in that regard and worked very well, leading to some of the more amusing moments in chapter 1. His motive was also really good and the murder being an accident really fit him. His backstory was also a good twist which made use of the futuristic setting rather well. Biggest complaint about him though would be his typing style, which really did bug me a lot and got on my nerves a bit, but he still does deserve to be this high. It did help him a lot that he died early on so we had mostly positive memories of him, though.

Evelyn Dø, alias Eve- Yeah, seriously. Your eyes aren’t fooling you, Eve is indeed in my top 5! She was still a good character in her own right though. I really liked how she wasn't first victim but played up to be that way. Her mannerisms and style of speech were also quite amusing and fit her well as the Monokuma figure of the game. The only reason she isn't even higher is because she was deliberately subdued in the later chapters to prevent her outshining the other students. Though even with that she still places this high, which speaks for itself.

Hoshiko Izumi (played by the GMs)- No I'm not kidding, you guys will get no bullshit from me! I absolutely loved how you guys wrote her in her trial and her post-trial. She was quiet as hell but well-meaning with great motives, and felt like a pretty complete character despite how little we actually know about her. Well, not that little, but still, it kills me that Mecha was inactive again after making such a unique character concept with the twins thing but whatever.

Marshall Keyes- Marshall was an interesting character who contributed a lot to the group dynamic. He definitely made an impact on me and had meaningful interactions and relationships with a good deal of the characters. His personality was good and I appreciate the difference he made overall. So why is he so low then? Mainly because of the way he died. I did appreciate the steroids twist a lot and it explained his behaviour very well, plus the fact that he destroyed Eve’s physical form was also good. In the end though it still felt too anticlimactic that he had to go out in an event like that and the lack of reaction to his death also felt underwhelming. Perhaps if he had gotten a more involved role, I would have preferred it but now it’s too late for much more, so ultimately he stays here.

Kyoya Okamura- I really got excited by the idea of Kyoya at the start of the game, mainly because of the hilarious gimmick and talent. But it wore out by chapter 1 and it lost its charm, leaving Kyoya as a character who was...alright, I guess? I appreciated how genuinely empathetic he was and how nice he was but I feel we got to learn surprisingly little about the boy himself before he died. And if the way Marshall died was anticlimactic, Kyoya’s was even worse. It worked as a motive for Eli to kill but for Kyoya, it just felt awkward and unfitting, contrasted with the pretty badass ending Hoshiko got. I also thought he didn’t make use of being ‘seen’ in chapter 3 as well as I would have like him to. I did like the slight backstory reveal at the end of the chapter 4 trial but at that point it didn't feel enough to make him really feel complete, which soured him a lot for me. Probably my least favourite JM character, honestly.

Olivia Watson, alias Skylar Culver- Skylar was an interesting character for me. I really liked her a lot at the start of the game. She had a fun personality, could be witty but could also act like a jerk sometimes. Her talent was pretty fun too for an F game. Unfortunately, as the game went on I grew to like her much less, even flat out disliking her at a lot of points. I thought that her posts got more laconic and annoying to read, even though they still had that creative flair to them; and she just became more and more of a jerk, to the point where it just seemed to be a weird flanderization of her character more than anything else. That said though, her role as the mastermind in the end was good and she definitely benefited from the role the most out of all the survivors. It did explain her jerkiness quite well and she did put up a good confrontation in the end. That said, I still would have preferred if she just didn't act like a jerk anyway, because she could be pretty brash about it and it felt very unsubtle. Her post in chapter 4 literally celebrating student deaths felt a little too over the top, for example. I also feel kind of sad that the twist also meant that ‘Skylar’ really was just a façade, which to me took away from the character a bit. That said though, she’s still one of the better characters, at least among the final cast. It’s really hard to put into words how I feel about her at the end though, because my feelings sort of went all over the place regarding her. Ultimately I think this is an appropriate position for her- she’s high enough mainly for creativity in concept and personality but low enough because of a few glaring flaws which worsen her in comparison to the above characters.

Nana Izumi- Nana was also a strange case for me, because I didn't really like her for a good deal of the game. I thought her talent as well as her personality seemed quite onenote and bland; and her naïveté, while amusing at times, didn't really do much for me. Then chapter 4 came with her sister’s death and while I appreciated what it did for her character, it felt pitifully little. Mainly because their relationship didn't really feel that natural for me. I’ll concede that none of this was on Nana, but it still dampened her character development for me. That being said, I enjoyed the look at how she was coping with surviving all alone in the final chapter and how absolutely drained and miserable she was while still trying to normalise herself. It was pretty interesting and made me appreciate her character more. I can see why people like her but for me, it didn't really change that she was mostly just sort of the same for the first four chapters, which ultimately did damage her for me. She’s still fine character-wise but it did feel mildly disappointing to me seeing her stay the same a lot. Honestly speaking, she’s probably my least favourite, maybe second least favourite Franzise character (after Ohishi) at this point.

Nina Smith- After letting it sit for a while, Nina is alright as a character to me. Not really that great but she definitely didn't piss me off as badly as say, Bud or Shirly at least. Was decently active and memorable and was surprisingly helpful in trials considering her personality. Her being the chapter 2 killer was definitely a pleasant surprise and was well timed. I was glad she didn't overstay her welcome like a good deal of the characters did. Still could be a far too edgey and way over the top with some of her posts to the point where I stopped taking her seriously as a character, which was pretty damaging. Definitely not the worst of Lone’s characters, at least.

Evelyn Rosemary Scythe- And now we get to my own character. I know you're probably going to think I’m a narcissist for ranking my own character this, but I’m going to subvert that by saying the opposite. Overall, I feel kind of unsatisfied with Evelyn and I definitely concede there were some missed opportunities with her. This is mostly on me and not really on the GMs. She was pretty generic and blended in more compared to previous characters but also didn’t have too much group chemistry with the other characters. Also didn't have too many shining moments and I wish I took more advantage of the prosopagnosia thing than I had. I did like the relationships with the characters she bonded with and I liked how she became more emotional and amiable as the game went on, plus the fact she was helpful in the last two trials was nice, but she definitely felt too bland and so-so for her character to really work well. Overall, I’d probably put her in the lower half when ranking my characters- not as great as Terry or James or even Cox (though I know most people would probably put her above Cox) but at least she’s not Chisami? I can definitely understand if people rank her much lower than I did though, since she didn’t really do that much for a good portion of the game.

Gawain Hall, alias ADAM- Adam was surprisingly alright. Pleasant, amicable and really helpful during trials as well! I liked the twist that he was Siri’s brother, though ultimately that didn't change much. Still, he was sort of bland and generic, but ironically he might be my second favourite Kachu character behind Silas.

Takumi Tsukuyomi, alias Honda- Honda is extremely weird to talk about for me. In a way, he’s sort of my guilty pleasure of the game. Not that he’s bad or anything. His concept was pretty interesting to me and I liked his talent. His personality was very pleasant at times and he could be pretty amusing too. He also had mostly positive relationships with the rest of the cast, which was nice (though I feel his relationship with Skylar didn't feel expanded upon that well in-thread). There was also just something...really nice about his posts that resonated with me for some reason, leading me to like him a lot more than I expected to. That said, he still did have a lot of his own problems. He could be passive and a little unhelpful at times during the trials and his DL posts were mostly just adequate. I also kind of found it weird that he smoked cigarettes and used modern swears, since that was a weird contrast with his talent, and his backstory seemed surprisingly edgey for him. Still doesn’t really make me like him less. If anything, even though he’s ranked this low, he’s actually my second most ‘liked’ survivor behind Althea, subjectively speaking. He was just enjoyable to me in a strange way. Definitely Salem/Joker’s best character by far, though that’s not saying much. I can understand if some others rank him lower than I did, though I was reasonably close to putting him above Adam.

Nick Anderson- Nick was pretty unmemorable as a character overall. I did appreciate his role as a teacher and thought it made for an interesting dynamic, but sadly I don't think it really got used to its full potential. He was pretty bland and generic as a character to me as well, to the point where I even forgot he existed in chapter 2. He was also pretty passive which definitely did not help him stand out at all within the cast, and his writing style just felt out of place in an F game. I liked his post trial originally, but in revisiting it...bleh. I have nothing against “thank you friends” post trials as they’ve been termed now, but it just felt too generic and silly for me to swallow, especially since it was coming from someone who didn't have much chemistry with the rest of the cast as well. I did appreciate his passing down of the torch to Marshall at least, and their rivalry in-thread was interesting. The most I really have to say for him is that he died pretty early on and got a semi-decent sendoff, so at least he never outstayed his welcome in comparison to some of the other characters.

Rose Péchard- Rose was a pretty gigantic anticlimax as a character. I thought she was good initially in the first chapter and had a fun, unique personality (though even then she wasn’t that high); and her role in chapter 2 was also pretty good and out there. The fact that she was willing to desecrate Vic’s corpse to protect herself was stupid but felt in-character for her. And then...chapter 3. She didn’t do much but I thought her dying was a good move at the time. And then...she didn’t. This not only made the cast feel pretty bloated, but also felt pointless for Rose’s character, mainly because F took zero advantage of it to develop her character further. And so instead, she just stood by the sidelines doing pretty much doing jack squat, and I forgot she even existed on multiple occasions. The fact that she didn't even do anything useful in trials also was ultimately to her disadvantage and her passivity alone pretty much made her one of the worst survivors just by default. At least had she stayed dead during chapter 3, I would have placed her three or four spots higher. I can see why F wanted to live longer than chapter 3 for once, but I think he definitely should have had a better plan for developing Rose beyond that, because she felt like a big waste of a character by the endgame.

Annabella Hale- Annabella was pretty bad as a character. I felt nothing about her during the first two chapters and barely even remembered she was a character at all. Her passiveness combined with her antisocial personality made for a pretty bad fit for the cast. Then chapter 3 happened and made her even worse by taking her away from her dolls. Instead of using this to further her character more, she just kept rambling on about her dolls non-stop, which was repetitive as hell as well as extremely irritating in general. Felt very unpleasant to even try to talk to. Then chapter 4 happened and with Kyoya’s death, she finally managed to exhibit a little something most well-adjusted humans happen to possess called “emotion”. And while this was a sight for sore eyes and I liked her emotional breakdown followed by her change in attitude the next awkward cafeteria scene, it also was just a case of too little too late. Because it took four chapters for her to reach this point, which meant tolerating her till then and even then she hardly really made use of it in the following DL and trial. So overall, she ranged from bland to just unpleasant for me and was definitely a pretty horrible character. That said, I at least appreciate the attempt at developing her character, even as late as it was, though it didn't end up mattering that much in the end.

Siri Hall- Well, after letting more time sit, Siri still does nothing for me. I even went back and reread her chapter 1 posts to see if I was missing anything else to her, but nope. The problem I have with her was really that she died too soon. I know Jirou was busy and wasn’t actually planning to live longer but even still, it just felt too sudden and left a sour taste in my mouth, especially since I felt like I never got to properly know her. I’m not sure if I would have liked her more had she lived longer, but I’d have at least appreciated it more. I guess she was kind of nice, and the scene where she got drunk was kind of amusing, but it was hard to really get much from. Even her being Gawain’s sister didn't really change much for me. I think it might have just been her typing style which put me off. This is also why I generally don't like making first victims who aren't played by the GMs (or someone who’s not really in the game). It makes for a huge shock at first, sure, but once that subsides it kind of just hits you that you barely even knew them. And with the amount of subs who didn’t even get to do anything at all, it can feel pretty disappointing for someone like Siri to just come and go, as it feels like a waste of a character slot. Apparently she is more popular with the others though, so I might just be alone in this opinion altogether. Still, I definitely think it’s more effective in the long run to let more “serious” players in rather than wasting a slot on someone who won’t even really get a chance to develop their character.

Taylor Fournier- Taylor is easily the worst of the actual characters for me. Even though he wasn't actually a survivor himself, he pretty much epitomises the worst traits of the other F5 survivors. Those being his bland character concept, his passivity, his antisocial personality (which was especially prevalent at the start of the game) and just not really doing anything interesting at all. Personality wise his lack of socialising with the others, especially early-game, hurt him severely and he pretty much was like just a quieter/more vulgar/less charismatic version of Bryan in that regard. Him being the Ultimate ??? also didn't help matters and just made him blend in more, making him feel kind of like nothing. Even his talent reveal did nothing for me and he just sort of continued being boring afterwards anyway, albeit slightly nicer I guess? His post trial in chapter 5 was also sort of the same and changed very little of how I thought of him. As a character, he’s definitely one of the biggest disappointments of the game to me. Not quite as bland as Liza, I suppose, but by god does he come close in a lot of respects.

Hoshiko Izumi (played by Mecha)- Well, you guys probably all saw this one coming. Yup, last place goes to the biggest non-character since Rina and Liza, Hoshiko! At least the way Mecha played her, which is to say not at all. I think the reason Hoshiko is so infamous now isn’t because of her inactivity alone. We’ve had several others before who were also way too inactive. And in some ways, Hoshiko is actually better than them. Her talent was nice and I liked the idea of the twins thing in theory. Some other character stuff like her sleepiness, her bag and her love of her sister were pretty neat as well, and as previously mentioned I did actually really appreciate her role in chapter 4. But you know what really makes Hoshiko worse than all of the other inactives? She lived for four chapters. At least with the other inactives, you could say they all did get offed early on, like chapter 1 and 2, maybe 3 at most. But Hoshiko lived for 4, literally 4 goddamn chapters! And she barely even posted in any of those four chapters, about as much as some people have in a single chapter! Like even by chapter 3, she made a grand total of one post. This was also another reason I didn’t like chapter 3 not killing everyone, because it felt like such an absolute waste of time. She barely had any in-thread chemistry with her own sister, leaving poor Franzise all on her own! And since Nana couldn’t do much about it, she also suffered for her sister’s inactivity. The subs must have felt even worse. I know I would be pretty pissed seeing someone live for that long without even doing anything. She felt like an absolute waste of a character slot and I’m heavily disappointed Mecha just gave up like that halfway through. One could easily argue that she is the worst F game character, and honestly? I would be easily inclined to agree.

And that brings us to the end of my ranking! It took me far too long to write, but it’s finally done with! I definitely did have a lot to say in the end though, so let me end with a writeup on the cast as a whole.

If I had to sort these characters into tiers, Althea would be in S-Tier for sure. Then Eli till Hoshiko played by the GMs would be in A-Tier; Marshall till Skylar would be in B-Tier; Nana till Nick would be in C-Tier; and then Rose till Taylor would be in D-Tier. Hoshiko played by Mecha would be in a special ‘Meme-Tier’ just because of how long she lasted despite not doing anything. Marshall and Kyoya are admittedly somewhat borderline on A/B-Tier as well but ultimately I felt it was more appropriate to move them down to B-Tier. Same thing goes with Nana being in B-Tier, since I felt there was a considerable difference between her and Nina but she did feel more C-Tier than B-Tier.

As you can tell, a lot of these characters ended up somewhere in C/D Tier, with an abnormally small number of characters ending up in A-Tier. This pretty much is an accurate representation on how I feel about the F5 cast. Far too many characters were extremely bland and generic in personality (and I’ll admit I was also a part of the problem in a sense) and just felt entirely forgettable.

The survivors also happened to be mostly people who emphasised these problems especially, making them perhaps my least favourite set of survivors in an F game yet. I had a huge problem also really liking a lot of them and the general passivity only worsened things for me. In a sense, it might be about as bad as F2’s cast, which even though it had its bad eggs, its good characters were really good. For the most part here, my feelings towards a majority of the characters were primarily indifference and apathy, which is even worse than normal dislike. The fact that I wasn’t really able to get the cast at all really did hinder my enjoyment this game by a lot.

I’ve already mentioned it several times now but the chapter 3 “gimmick” of nobody actually dying was by far the biggest drawback for the cast. It really sucked that nobody died at all and felt meaningless, especially since everybody mostly forgot that it even happened next chapter and hardly even referenced it, which sucked a lot. It also just made the cast feel super bloated more than anything and the fact that the people who were roaming around the jungle were the exact people who were enjoying themselves in the carnival felt stale. It was an ambitious idea but it hindered more than it did help. And despite how many people died in chapter 4, the remaining cast still were too high in number, which was pretty sucky, especially since almost all the “great” characters died just leaving behind the C and D-Tiers. It just wasn’t impressive at all.

I think some blame for this also does fall onto the length of the game itself. It is by far the longest forum game I’ve participated in at a whopping three months, and I’m sure it’s the same for most other people as well. I’m sure others have had other stuff happening for them which they didn’t expect to take place during the game, and for some that would mean this game needs to go on the backburner. So in a sense, it’s actually not too surprising how many people were inactive during the latter part of the game especially. Though that doesn’t excuse some people who never really posted anyway, be it in trials or DL.

Ultimately, my cast ranking for each F game goes like this:

F4> F3> F1> F5> F2

I don’t think that this cast has quite the same bad quality to it as F2’s despite what I said, but they were still pretty poor nevertheless, not even holding a candle to F1’s cast in that regard. F3 and F4 are still pretty close to me but F4’s is slightly higher due to more consistency and such.

But yeah, that concludes my writeup. I wrote a lot more than I even expected to and was very critical in a lot of areas about the cast. I don’t think it had anything to really do with the sci-fi theme for the most part, some characters were bad regardless. I do appreciate the more ambitious ideas this game though, and I can only hope we all manage to build off from it in the future for F6, whenever that will be. Thank you all for reading this huge thing, and I hope that you all got something from this. For now… See you all around.


Author:  Joker [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:13 pm ]
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CaptainPancakes wrote:
To be completely honest I still don't understand the chapter 2 trial to this day. Shit's confusing, yo.

little person, little box ... ricted.gif

Author:  Planetbox [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:16 pm ]
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Joker wrote:
Another thing I didn't really care for was the magic spells and the supernatural element of the game. In my opinion, things like these should be kept out of a murder mystery game as things can get out of hand really fast, and they generally hurt more than they help. To be completely honest I still don't understand the chapter 2 trial to this day. Shit's confusing, yo.

Oh yeah totally. I think it got a little better in Ch4 and Ch5 though. But mysteries aside, I generally just don't like supernatural stuff. It's hard to take seriously, cause it makes the story feel like relatable. That's the main reason I didn't really care much for Belphegor or his goofy punishments. They usually took me out of the game.

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:27 pm ]
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okay so normally I don't ever do character rankings (I always try and give up) but since everyone is doing it I'm gonna succumb to peer pressure and do it. also, my "rankings" would usually align with the popular opinion anyway, but this time it's a bit different so maybe having some different perspectives will be interesting.

won't be ranking Micah cause I'm worried about Cesar and it'll feel wrong and Ivan cause he's my character and I don't do that yo.

1) Charlotte

Most people like Charlotte but I haven't really seen her as a favorite, but she was definitely my favorite. I guess with my personality I have more fun or relate to the comical/hyperactive characters and in a pretty bleak game, she stood out a lot. Definitely helped that I was a part of the exclusive QT with her and the others. Really good presence, okay exit. A ton of fun. I think if she had just one more chapter she could have had a really awesome ending.

2) Daniel

Definitely Matt's best character. Objectively he'd probably be lower but me having a pre-existing relationship sort of interferes with my biases. I like how he wasn't really a hero and I wish me and Matt interacted with each other more, but it was adequate enough. His exit was good. Sleepytime was a little extra. But I can't really complain about him lugging a sofa into the middle of a trial. If he was more active he would have been much better.

3) Enola

Her involvement was definitely a surprise and she was solid all around. She could have had a better role in the story with her family. I was thinking about who to put in my top 3 and Enola didn't really pop into mind at first, but I thought her appearance was totally cool and made chapter 5 substantially more interesting.

4) Matt

I'm putting this guy up here because objectively he's definitely the most fleshed out and dynamic character of F6. His backstory and everything is somewhat basic but was used well. I honestly was not a huge fan of parts of his personality (there were several parts that felt very "nothing personnel kid") which is definitely a hot-take but I'm very impressed with how he turned out in the end. So he's up here.

5) Brandy

Personality-wise she stood out to me? What I realized is personally I think a huge cast of really serious bros and girls is kind of stale for a game with a socialization element (a lot of the other non-serious ones weren't too active) so that's probably why Brandy is higher up than most people. Not that we should have 16 eccentric sexual deviants who love to drink and do drugs. But I mean, socialization is a pretty significant part of Danganronpa in general, so I guess I realized with this game that a majority-serious cast kind of hinders that aspect. Maybe. I realize a lot of that wasn't about Brandy but whatever.

6) Lavender

Another hot-take I guess. I think she was a great first killer. She played up her role really well and her interaction with Benjamin during the reveal was super badass. It's not like she was indifferent because she was lazy or didn't care -- at least, I didn't feel that way. Obviously I guess she could have been more active but I thought she was very cool.

7) Sebastian

His relationship with Bennett was interesting as hell. I do sort of echo the sentiment of others that he was pretty basic aside from that.

8) Benjamin

Okay, so hot-take #3 or 4. I think most people would put him higher. His role in Chapter 4 was very cool. My personal placing of him here is somewhat unfair, and I already talked about the Ciro x Benjamin thing which definitely impacts this rating. I talked about why, but I sort of realized later that a huge reason of why this bugged me was because the parties involved implied that Lone could have used the opportunity to "make Ciro look cooler" or essentially make his character look better. But with that scenario, there was really no way to, and so it came off as really self-serving, which is why it rubbed the wrong way so much. I didn't really talk about this while ranting earlier, so I'll mention it now: this is less about consent and more about having a really self-serving moment that didn't serve anyone else. Of course, if Lone gave consent, that's not an issue, because it's possible to want to bring your own character down. But to put it under the guise that "you could have done this" when it wasn't really possible rubs me the wrong way because a huge part of why these games are successful is because everyone ideally cooperates and has fun together, and we shouldn't lift ourselves up at the expense of someone else. (That's where consent comes into play with moments like this).

Obviously that wasn't the intention and I realize I'm being pretty unreasonable about this (especially since this was talked about before). And I'm sure I and others are guilty of this before. But to me, it was most apparent in this moment. So this placement is pretty unfair and Benjamin probably deserves to go up higher. But I'm in a hot-take mood so yeah.

9) Shizune

I echo the sentiment that she was pretty passive and WC made a good point about his Shizune would have been much more successful in a different game. I pretty much enjoy all of Fransize's characters and think she's usually one of the best players. I liked Shizune's concept a lot and I think her death was done really really well.

10) Oliver

He was a chill dude with an okay-executed character arc that was kind of done before. I think I liked Bryan better. But Oliver was cool.

11) Klifford

He was a cool dude who I think if I got to know more would probably be higher. Fewer posts in thread so I didn't really get a feel for him. But maybe if I FTE'd him he'd be higher.

12) Carrie

Funny first victim. I think she could have been more relevant with her pre-existing relationship with the caves.

13) Bennett

Just an activity thing.

14) Ciro

15) Nail / Haley

Okay so personality-wise these two would probably be higher. But like I said I thought the mastermind thing was pretty poor, and I was getting really tired about how random these two were for no reason except a troll and maybe foreshadow to being Satan or whatever? Maybe this is a hot-take? I don't know. But stuff like being tortured or the many shits this guy took was really frustrating and derailing.

These rankings are kind of bad and were definitely rushed so on a different day someone like Klifford could go up much higher, and I'm kind of cranky because I woke up for a class today that got CANCELLED so there. Enjoy my hot-takes, I tried to make at least several points about not just the character but of these games in general, so if anything hope that's something good to read.

I do also now realize how weird my rankings are so you don't really have to take this seriously either.

Author:  JesusMonroe [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:46 pm ]
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I liked the game for the most part. I didn't really find it that dark, at least not compared to other games. Chapter 3 was probably my favorite.

I kinda agree with Lone that I think the trial system needs to be revamped, but I'm not really sure how. I used to think F2's were annoyingly simple but I really wouldn't mind if we kinda returned to that. Like everybody was stuck in F2-3 for a long time but nobody was having trouble following it cause it was straightforward. I don't really find solving trials 'fun', and I haven't since F4. I imagine I might think the same for F3 and F1 if I had been a player in those.

I was fine with the idea of magic in trials too, but it took too long to get explicit rules about it and it felt like every chapter involved a magic circle which just got old.

Some Benjamin stuff: I get if people hate him, I'm honestly fine with it. I'd sort of disagree with the edginess, but I won't deny it was there. It was more just that he was so unemotional that he was objective to a fault. Killing Klifford in such a brutal way didn't make much of a difference than killing him in a straightforward way, the brutal way just worked in his favor. Killing the wife wasn't something he wanted to do, he just recognized that it "had" to be done. Yeah I know people might roll their eyes like I'm trying to deny the a torturer is edgy, but it's really just that he was good at it and it was an effective tool for him to use. He never really did it for the fuck of it, it was always some "chaotic good" reason.

Also frankly, there were a lot of times where Benjamin would do something horrible and nobody would really react which got kinda old to me. Yeah maybe it could get tiring to react to something bad but looking at in-universe it did negatively affect my perceptions of some characters that they could be a blatant bystander to a terrible event with no reaction.

Spoiler: Ben AU 1
If he had been the Ch1 killer his talent wouldn't have been a secret and he'd still have the same Rattlewater backstory, but his reason for killing would just be that he decided to escape and not much more elaborate than that. Like it'd be him kind of saying that he always did things for the service of the people, so for once he was going to do something for himself.

I never really tried to force him in a main character role, I feel like I just posted a lot and he was generally proactive. There were a lot of portions of the game where nobody would post at all until I finally said something and broke the floodgates.

Spoiler: Ben AU 2
Mentioned this in my qt but if the group decided to kill Benjamin in the final trial, he would've gotten a bit emotional. He would've told the cast that he expected to be angry with them but he actually felt more relieved than anything. He'd say it's the first time in his life he felt unchained/free, and that he was satisfied knowing he did all he could but that it just wasn't his problem anymore.

Anyway, I'm not really upset I wasn't the Ch1 killer but I think it might change some perceptions of what I was intending for him because I really just had to roll with it and am personally more happy with how it turned out anyway. I would've liked the cult to be more relevant to the story, and I was anticipating that they would be, but it just wasn't in the cards.

And to address the Ciro thing. I fucked up, that's all it really comes down to. I do think the scene itself was important and otherwise people would say there was no foreshadowing, but yeah I should've involved Lone. My intention wasn't to be self-serving as Pancakes put it, and I honestly wouldn't have minded if the same thing unexpectedly happened to me which I know is dubious to believe but it's true. Not saying that makes it right, but that's where my head was at. The survey for this game didn't have the "how much control are you willing to give to the GMs?" thing and it's for stuff like this that I think it should've been there. Another small thing is that I was sort of treating it like a "special event". Like if Benjamin broke Ciro's hand in a daily life special event or alibi, would this issue really be controversial at all?

The only other thing I'll add is that I really thought Ciro was the killer and wouldn't have to put up with it long, or that it was in-line with some character/mystery element that was planned. Like I thought it might be a "Jaime Lannister loses his hand" moment for Ciro where he becomes introspective and has to reflect on his actions. I'm not blaming Lone though, and honestly don't really blame him anymore for having Ciro just ignore it happened. It's been talked about so much it's all I can really say at this point. It was intended to be a moment that would serve both Benjamin and Ciro, and it instead served nobody. It was a mistake, I don't think it'll happen again. Oh well.

Anyway I ended up talking too much about Benjamin oops. But yeah overall I liked the game and thought the change of pace was a good one. Sure people might've not liked it which is expected, but I still think doing these different directions rather than something around high school students is a smart move.

Author:  Collin1002 [ Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:23 pm ]
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Welp, it's over. Gotta say, I had fun with it even though I was useless in trials due to my peabrain, but oh well. Can't change the past. Aaanyway, I'm gonna keep this short and thank SC and Nanjo for running this game, and thank all of the other players for, well, playing. T'was fun.

I had my own problems with the game, sure, but overall, it was a solid experience, and like I said, I had tons of fun. Glad to see mostly positive feedback for Oliver, especially when compared to Taylor. Here's hoping I make a good character for F7! Dunno if they'll surpass Bryan in my eyes, but hey, we'll see. And a lot of other people had great characters, too. I won't make a ranking, but Brandy, Seb, and Benjamin were some of my favorites. Matt, Enola, and Ivan were also pretty great in my eyes as well. But yeah, overall, fun cast.

In any case, that's all I really have to say. I look forward to F7, whenever that may be. Man, it's a trip going from my horrible performance in F2 to this, but I'm glad.

In any case... adieu for now.

Author:  Planetbox [ Tue Sep 24, 2019 12:49 am ]
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Lone wrote:
The thing with F games in general for me, is that there's a lot of boring stuff you have to sift through to get to the good. DLs in general consistent of a lot of small talk and stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. Even back in F1, I'd force myself through the long DLs with this feeling of intense boredom washing over me. By the time I got through it, I could get to RPing with the rest of the people who were up at the time. The trials are the main draw, but even then, there's the really long alibi post you need to read through many times to understand what's going on, and then you need to do the same with everyone else's alibis. It's a lot of work, and really not fun. Note-taking somewhat helps smoothen the process, but even then, the initial note-taking is also really not-fun. Things pick up the next day when you get to solving stuff however.

Oh yeah I meant to respond to this earlier but forgot. This is mostly how I feel. The main reason I'm a little tired of these games is that I'm sick of waiting through the DLs. They're just not that fun for me. Like maybe it'd be better if I did a more humor-centric character, but it seems like they've been getting more and more boring each game anyway. I usually enjoy FTEs more than the actual main thread at this point.

I don't agree about the trials though. They still are and always have been fun for me, but mostly just cause of the euphoria of finally solving one. And I happen to relish in stuff like taking notes about evidence and alibis. I guess returning to the older trials might work, but I'm not entirely sure what the difference is.

Author:  DootDootDoot [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:37 am ]
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Okay, I guess I'll make a serious post. Overall, I liked the game a lot. I do think the tone kinda suffered after like chapter one where it wandered off from the scary-ish tone it had, even if we saw a brief return to it in ch. 3, but it was still enjoyable and I even liked the setting a lot.

But anyways that's not what you want to hear. You want spicy things. Epic opinions. Fiery takes. Well, I would go as far as to call myself a fire connoisseuse, so I suppose I should at least deliver on that.

I present to you. The hottest thing in all of F6. I worked really hard on it for like half an hour. Enjoy.

"And so I said…"

All eyes were on Kliff. This was his moment. The time to go in for the kill. He let the silence hang for a minute, and then…

"... I'm just a bad conductor!"

He was met with a sea of blank stares and awkward expressions. He had failed. At least one person laughed, though, even if he stopped when he realized he was the only one.

"Well, I thought it was funny." Bennett said, and then he took a whiff of his can of laughing gas for the fourteenth time since dinner started.

"Benny." Brandy whispered. "The kids are watching! Put that thing away!" she motioned to the kid's table. Luckily, the impressionable youths were not paying attention at all. They were too busy whining.

"Why do I have to sit at the kid's table?! I'm as old as Ivan!" Charlotte yelled.

"Yeah! I'm older than Brandy! It's not faaaaaair!" Micah yelled, even louder.

"Micah! You're hurting our case!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"





Sebastian is also at the kid's table. He has his face down in a bowl of soup. I think he's trying to die.

"damn brats, im too sober for this shit" Matt said, adding more beer to his soup. Ivan watched him intently.

"Public intoxication is a crime, but… What even is the law to me, a killer?" he said, adding more tears to his soup. "What right do I have to uphold it?"

"Shut up, you scum." Ivan said. To Ivan. "You have committed crimes against Rattlewater and her people. You will pay for what you've done. No! Do I even have the right to be tried in a court of law? I have committed so many unforgivable sins… Silence! Criminals like you have no say in the matter. The law is just, and absolute. But still…" ooookay this is getting too weird let's move on to someone else.

Oh! Shizune is writing something! Let's see…

All work and no play makes Shizune a dull girl.

Next person next person NEXT!

"Cheers mate! This soup sure is corking. Almost as good as the one from ol Blighty!" Oliver said, having fun. His soup had been replaced with tea fifteen minutes in. He didn't mind. "It sure is the dog's bollocks, my cock!" Benjamin answered, also drinking tea instead of soup. Truly, they were having a gay old time.

Lavender wasn't as gay, unfortunately. "Oliver tried to kill me. Are we going to ignore he ran me over because of his petty fame obsession. He is an attempted murderer. His hair is orange. He-" she got cut off. Oliver and Benjamin saw a hot waitress and their monocles popped off with a funny sound. "Cor blimey! Look at the knockers on that mare!"

Next to them, Nail and Enola were having an interesting conversation. "What I really mean is, good people don't go to hell, do they? Of course not. I only punish the wicked! You can't say I'm evil. Right at this moment, in the boiler room of hell, I have eight hundred and sixty three minecraft youtubers paying for their sins, can you truly consider that evil? Of course…"

Enola is nodding along. She's not actually paying attention. She's writing a poem comprised entirely of expletives on Daniel's back while he's asleep.

"H....h....h..." Belphegor said, as he took a big mighty chomp out of Bruce. "Kee-hee, ouch! That hurts!" Bruce's glowing eyes glowingly said. His left eye was glowing blue, but thankfully Belphegor finished his meal before anyone had a bad time.

Carrie sipped her soup. Carrie like the soup. Carrie chugged her soup. Suddenly, Carrie need to go. Right now. It was horrible.

"Never fear! I, your hero, will save you!" Ciro said, heroic as usual. Disregarding everyone's screams he broke a few columns with his sick karate moves, bringing RB's roof down on all of them.

And so they were all trapped…

Beneath the Surface.

Author:  KamiPanda [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:01 am ]
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You could have used that time to write an ending for Althea.

Instead you wrote a masterpiece.

Author:  WinterCoat [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:30 pm ]
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Panda just edit that in as Althea's ending it's fine

Author:  DootDootDoot [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:05 pm ]
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Also while we're here take a look at "beta" Charlie from before the rewrites made this picture unfitting.

Author:  WinterCoat [ Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:43 pm ]
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So first I was gonna post a critique of the whole game.

Then it turned into a critique of Chapters 4 and 5.

Now it's just Chapter 5.

Spoiler: chapper feev badd >:(
This is just gonna be a list of my problems because I am too tired to write an essay soz.

-This chapter was needlessly complex and the plot suffered for it.
-I feel like it was difficult just for the sake of trying to be different from any past easy FX-5's
-I still don't understand how what happened happened
-Ivan was a good idea for a killer but it all fell apart so easily
-Nail being Satan was fine, honestly. I think it's not out-of-place given the rest of the game. That said, it's also underwhelming because, well, it's Nail, and he's the only one it would make sense to be so there wasn't really any surprise, but I guess it's not the worst thing ever. The problem is the fact that his reveal basically meant nothing because he didn't commit the murder, so we had to ignore Satan just for the sake of figuring out who killed someone in a silly house.
-The end of the game was rushed for some reason and I still don't know why. This wasn't an F5 situation where we were burned out and as a result the resolution to the trial and the end of the overall story felt really forced and quick
-Enola was fun. I like her
-I don't like how after Chapter 4 anything to do with the cult didn't matter anymore. Not saying Nail should've been a cultist, but once it was revealed who he was the cult subplot just kinda fell off
-The fact that the Mayor was ultimately irrelevant was super lame
-The playroom puzzle was actually amazing and my favorite part of the chapter I love things like that. It reminded me of the Badge Check Gates in Pokemon (specifically BW)
-Seriously why was the Mayor not involved at all
-The chapter should've been more about confronting the mastermind and not solving a convoluted murder. A murder would've been fine but the mastermind being Satan makes him killing pointless so I feel like you guys wrote yourself into a corner with that
-I feel like Satan summoning Belphegor was just kinda glossed over just to continue the trial
-One more time but this chapter's difficulty was gratuitous and the lack of plot mostly until the end really made it hard to stay invested and then the plot we did get with the conclusion of the game was super fast

Chapper rankin:

2 > 3 > 4 > 1 > 5

Author:  KamiPanda [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:03 am ]
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I didn't actually expect anything from the mayor myself. Maybe the way SC talked about him made it clear to me he was just a random guy or something, but even when I/Seb suggested the mayor was involved I was never particularly serious about the idea.

The playroom puzzle was definitely cool though, even if it was ultimately random, irrelevant and generally just a bit out-of-place. It was a very clean way to make us look back at the past victims and really suss out their personality traits.

I guess I have one other complaint about chapter 5. Well like I have more than just one but the others have been said elsewhere or don't mean much anyway. The thing is, the surviving players themselves never really actually beat the mastermind. That was all a bunch of ghosts, the survivors just sat back and ate popcorn. So it didn't really feel like we even achieved anything by the end, which I guess made it feel a bit anticlimactic when it was all just suddenly over and we were teleported back to the surface. We just got dragged along by Satan and Belphegor, solving the trial like the first wanted and then sitting back as Belphegor used a ghost army to usurp him. We never really 'won' here, we just did what we were told right up until the end and then were let go because the game was over. It might stand out more because of how ultimately minor and somewhat petty the murder itself was, so solving it didn't really feel like a particularly meaningful victory either.

Author:  JesusMonroe [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:20 am ]
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I was somewhat satisfied with the ghost revenge ending. But at the same time I don't really like canon ghosts laughs in F1 and prefer the tragedy that death is just a terrible oblivion (I don't consider movie theaters canon).

But yeah, I agree the plot in general was just disappointing. It really amounted to nothing, I don't know. Satan ran a killing game because he wanted to, and that's about it. There was no real significance or meaning in any of the participants' presence so them all being connected was a massive coincidence (granted, it's a small town so it's a more likely coincidence at least but still one all the same). I don't think the mayor had to be evil but there definitely seemed to be an indication that there was more of a grand design behind the game and its participants rather than Satan fucking around.

Also I really don't like Satan as a villain. I don't hate it and I don't consider it massive end of world stakes but there's nothing exciting about it and it's as black and white of a conflict as it can get. Like yeah somebody who runs a killing game is going to be evil but you quite literally can't get more evil than the devil. I'm not saying it should've been a cultist (though I do think the cult leader should've been in the cast if not the mastermind) but making it the devil is just really silly to me.

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:32 am ]
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I really think the town being in on it was sort of a necessity. Because it wasn't the setting of Rattlewater didn't really amount to anything. It could have helped a lot of the characters too. Like speaking from a personal standpoint, if Ivan discovered the town was actually a demonic shithole, he'd have to re-evaluate his opinion of the town (more than he did, really, but that was under the assumption the town was in on it in the first place).

But also definitely Enola, who was like judged by the town and stuff. I could probably give an example of most of the characters. I mean there was the whole thing about "the town is a facade" or something but like not much was done with that. At least something.

I did like the ghosts though, actually. But yeah. I don't think it was adequately bookended.

Author:  Doctor Nanjo [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:58 am ]
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The cult was a cult to Lucifer and/or Satan though. The book in the library was even like about how to become followers of them. I do think we could have made things more clear, but like mechanically Nail is at the center of cult activity in Rattlewater.

Satan not being the murderer goes back to his core motivation: he gives people temptation to do the wrong thing and lays things out in front of them. He corrupted Rattlewater through these methods. This is symbolically why having him provide Ivan with the opportunity to murder makes the most in-universe sense. I guess it messes with what like WC and I'm sure others wanted out of the final confrontation, but I think it most fits the personality of Nail.

Choosing Ivan as killer basically stemmed from him being the only remaining player who wanted to be a killer and like the fact that (we thought) he was the character with biggest glaring vulnerability: the fact that he adores Rattlewater so much. And so, we set up the case to be built around the discovery that Enola had been discussing with the mastermind about replacing Rattlewater with a new paradise for her. Obviously, Ivan would be overcome by emotion and want to kill to escape and vacate Rattlewater from this threat or whatever. In practice, this setup went against both PB's and Pancakes' ideas for their characters so it was never really brought up again and like oh well.

The case was intended to be of average difficulty and it ended up lasting 4 days, which is the intended length for the case. I wanted to incorporate good character stuff for basically every remaining character and have it feel like a good ensemble cast to end the story. This definitely generated some of the complexity seen in that chapter. Brandy's storyline was about her making a mistake and being put into a state of uselessness. Oliver's storyline showed how he was able to move past his cowardice to do something brave, but also I wanted to incorporate his fame into his story and how that fuels him and how that can be a negative thing, drawing parallels to Satan. I also wanted to give Daniel a good sendoff and I think we did that decently by delving into his backstory in the middle of the case and providing some doubt about whether he was actually being helpful or not in searching the house. So that sort of stuff definitely made the case thicker and might explain some motivation there. Most other things simply existed since they were a direct part of the mystery. The trap Satan made was done to point the loose board out to Ivan so Ivan would think to use it in the murder and provide a plausible-ish cause of death. The blackout was there as a direct temptation for Ivan to use it to get away with murder.

It would have been cool to let you guys figure out the way to defeat Satan on your own and maybe that's what the entire case could have been about. Like learning how to talk to ghosts and get them to vote. I do think it would be cool to have Ivan be the obvious killer and then just have like the rest of the case be trying to stop Satan from running free.

Author:  KamiPanda [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:04 am ]
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The cult being Satan's cult is a bit of an anticlimax though, largely due to how much they were built up beforehand. These guys are some kind of super-cult, able to resist absurd levels of torture to keep their secrets, inventors of an entire secret language no-one can translate so that no-one knows what they're up to. These guys apparently have the ability to like wipe out the entirety of London, and it sounds like they have operations all over the world, especially if Brandy was attacked by them on some adventure in a far-off land. Then it's revealed that they just worship Satan and Satan himself doesn't particularly acknowledge them or represent their threat in the slightest. Satan was just some dude who wanted to test a group of 16 people with life-and-death games. Nothing about how Satan was portrayed makes us really believe that a very large group of people would go to the absurd lengths like the cult did just to please him.

Satan not being the murderer is fine, it just didn't work out so well that he was the one who set up pretty much everything and then Ivan just did one single thing. Like F6-2 all over again. It might fit Nail but that doesn't mean it made for a good trial experience, like how Nail never voting made a lot of sense but also just didn't land well at any of the times it happened.

I can appreciate the mystery trying to play off of each character one last time, that was a good idea. But I think it also didn't land well due to how strangely petty and low-stakes the murder itself felt. Just one small cottage, one random character being killed by another. Because the general concept of the mystery fell flat to me, none of the character beats in the mystery were able to stand up.

Author:  Southern Corn [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:29 pm ]
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Okay so I'm finally writing stuff up, sorry for the extreme delays.

So uh yeah chapter 5 stuff. Basically the entire chapter planning was kind of messy. We were uncertain of where the location would be and we only decided on it being Enola's house at the last second. A lot of planning in that regard was rushed and we took a lot of time coming up with the murder plot. We did try to brainstorm as much as we possibly could but like everything we came up with beforehand was just sort of thrown away at the last second and we had to come up with a somewhat interesting mystery in like literally less than a week, which was hard to do with our already busy schedules. Our ideas for Nail/Ivan we'd come up with obviously but we still had to come up with ideas for like how to resolve everyone else's characters. And yeah I agree with Nanjo that we did a decent job with wrapping up Daniel's arc because even if it was subtle it still had presence and seeing him come back near the end added to it as well.

Regarding the complexity of the murder I feel like it was definitely more frustrating for people than anticipated on my end. I disagree with WC's point that it was difficult just for the sake of being complex compared to other chapter 5s because we were honestly wanting to make it like a decent balance. The part about it being a small murder was intentional and was also supposed to make it simpler to follow + contrasted by the resolution of the plot (though obviously it didn't work for a lot of people). We wanted the chapter to be like chapter 2/3 difficulty and tried to balance things out accordingly. It was supposed to be like more interesting than F5-5 obviously but not to the level of F4-5. In all honesty I don't think the murder itself was still that complex? Idk I've had a hard time sorting with people's trial complaints the whole game because we got mixed messages on it a lot and it was hard to balance accordingly for later chapters. Was it the GM hints being too vague, the mystery itself being crazy, the magic being too out of place? Like it was hard to tell and I wish people like Joker were more clear with their complaints because like even now I'm not sure what I'd change about most of the mysteries??? Stuff like people saying 'it was too hard and confusing to follow' was hard to remedy for us for sure because of stuff like that.

Maybe we should have tried explaining things more though. I feel like one thing I'd change about ch5's thing though was maybe making Brandy's trap thing more relevant than just a mere distraction but even then like idk. The stuff about Enola and Ivan both hiding their attack on each other didn't help either and that wasn't even an intended part of the mystery so that just happened. I feel like the comparison to ch2's a little misguided because in this case it was much more intentional and deliberate since Nail was supposed to manipulate Ivan into killing instead of directly cooperating with him. And even then Ivan did enough by himself I feel. Also the magic stuff I think was fine in theory (F2/F5-4 have both used them before basically) but like JM said we didn't give any rulebook till ch4. I also wasn't a fan of magic circles being there for everything but mystery-wise it's like a very decent hint as an indicator to the physical location of where the spell is cast and such.

Maybe we could have improved the GM hints as well but like that's sort of the problem. I've found that it's pretty difficult getting a suitable middleground for that stuff because like either your hint is too elusive and obscure or it just immediately gives away the answer and the whole thing is an anticlimax. Like obviously people are going to prefer the latter to the former but still I think that providing at least some sort of challenge is important and I feel like having a challenging trial is probably better than a disappointingly simple one (like F6-1 which people also complained about for it being too simple but also a couple of people still claimed it was difficult to follow? It's a mixed bag). Like even thinking back on it now the mystery in F6-5 itself makes sense to me but I feel like I'm lost on exactly what went wrong here in multiple ways. I'm honestly not sure how I'd make it more cohesive. Near the end we were really batting on people to figure out the floorboard stuff but then it turned out that people were just visualising it weirdly which prevented them from getting the answer so whoops. I'm not sure how that could have been averted, maybe giving a better picture of it in the alibi? But like once again it's a hard balance to get across and if we said too much the entire mystery might as well have crumbled apart. Also lol I'm glad people liked the playroom section. It was something we mostly wrote at the last second again but I'm glad people found it enjoyable. We were maybe considering having Ciro's pinewood replace the floorboard or something but we didn't go with that. Also the dead rat Satan used for the possession spell was supposed to be from Carrie's vice thing but I just realised we forgot to mention that in his alibi so whoops.

Storywise I was hoping a lot of the beats would land better than they actually did. We wanted there to maybe be a part where Enola could be a red herring being found standing over Daniel's bloody body but that got altered a bit there. We were aware Satan would be like literally the most obvious mastermind ever as well, from literally the second Saizo submitted his survey lol. So we didn't want him to be a direct killer since he'd be so obvious so we decided it would be more fun if he were a red herring throughout the case, directly manipulating everyone to suspect him and then having there be the plot twist that he only corrupted Ivan to kill. I think that was really fun in theory but maybe we revealed it too soon in the trial (though Saizo wanted us to reveal it even beforehand lol). I think maybe having Saizo be like a 3rd GM wasn't the best idea either and probably just confused people more. Him maybe admitting to not doing the murder took a lot of the suspense from the story but at the same time I feel like people would have hated us even more if that happened. We definitely wanted people to solve the Belphegor thing early on as the main way of figuring out his involvement in stuff but maybe we could have made it more complex. idk it was a mini mystery so I don't think it needed more fleshing out. Him seeming untouchable was definitely deliberate though, he was supposed to be like a frustrating foe in that sense because he was obviously right there and yet you couldn't vote for him. This was supposed to make like the feeling of him getting voted for at the end more satisfying and poetic even and honestly I still think it went fine but I guess people were too angry at us for the trial by then to be reconciled.

In terms of other story stuff I disagree about the ghost stuff a lot. It was definitely supposed to be like the emotional climax of the game in my eyes as well as the peak of the chapter so I was really looking forward to it. Obviously it's really hard to properly foreshadow it (I had ideas in a much, much earlier draft if anyone's interested but that didn't end up happening). I think people were also disappointed at the mayor being irrelevant but I think it's honestly way better if he was just easily manipulated by Nail and that he was just fooled. It's like better than the cultist garbage in my eyes. And like the Rattlewater stuff being irrelevant I feel is negated by the ghost thing entirely. It was supposed to be a huge thing that happened only because of the established relationships that everyone had with each other beforehand and that the bonds they formed ultimately saved them in the end. People might say that they didn't have to do anything but we were only planning on having it happen post-vote anyway. Maybe it was a little disappointing for people to not be more directly involved but I feel like being saved by the ghosts of your dead friends makes for a more compelling and emotionally unique finale as well as a really good way to prove Satan wrong about Rattlewater. Oh and the stuff about Satan wanting to "cleanse" Rattlewater and how that involved Enola/Ivan was also supposed to be a big thing but yeah you also heard how that stuff worked out.

Also I think the cult had a bigger presence in the game than it seemed. They both played a huge role in both Brandy and Benjamin's backstories, they were tied to Enola's parents and stuff (her dad was a cultist and Nail was their best man), they did stuff like the attempted attack on Rattlewater as well as attempting to murder Lavender, causing the mineshaft to collapse years ago, and their presence seemed pretty evident in like chapter 2 and 4 especially. I think people were more upset that we didn't have more of a grand plot beyond that in mind (like the nuclear accident in F4) which I guess is true but honestly I don't think it was really necessary to make more complex and it tied into people's stuff enough anyway. And also Satan seemed dissociated from them a lot which is a fair complaint. We definitely imagined Satan having like more of a complex role in the cult and maybe even directly masterminding stuff like the attack on Rattlewater/Lavender but then midgame Saizo didn't really seem into that so his influence got altered by that which obviously wasn't nearly as compelling. Also Satan being the cult leader was only passingly mentioned despite it being kinda big (and supposed to fuel a lot of his rivalry and hatred with Brandy and such).

I think the biggest problem I had with the story was definitely how awkward and forced the ending was as well as the number of plot points we left unresolved. Like an important one regarding the latter which I recall right now is how Enola was actually missing a week before she was seen missing. Like Nail discovered her and then dressed up as her as Haley and then "went" into the caves while Micah was nearby and that's why she thought she saw Enola and that was also why the search was organised in the first place. And then that never ended up being part of any mystery or whatever. There's probably a lot more that's not exactly coming to mind right now either but yeah. The ending was really just our bad but basically Nanjo came on and asked if he should write Satan's execution and without thinking I said yes and assumed he would wait till people were done but then he just posted it anyway and cut the phase short. Which was like really bad because I had planned for the last Q&A session to be like really slow paced and then it just got cut off short and several things got ruined in the process. Those include Ivan's motive and maybe elaborating on it more to be like less bad (the newspaper was supposed to fuel him along with how Daniel had been acting the whole game, but also the whole Rattlewater stuff as well), Enola's reaction to the truth of her brother's death, Sebastian's post trial post, maybe other questions/reactions by the survivors (Especially to the ghost stuff) that just got stopped short. It was really bad and kinda made me upset because it caused the game to end on a really sour note for everybody involved. Anyway yeah that's my diatribe about F6-5 out of the way. I sort of have mixed feelings on it but tbh whatever at this point. Just wanted to get all this outta my chest.

Anyway I'm not even done with this post yet lol. I do think F6 was a interesting and ambitious game overall but there's still a lot I'd change about it and there were a lot of sour parts of the game for me. Chapter 3 especially just made me mostly upset and was a really stressful project but I'm glad most people seem to like it. I agree with Nanjo that we overreached in a lot of places. I really sympathise with him too because I've spent a lot of my free time thinking about how to improve F6 despite using a lot of it to just write stuff. It's really tough to do and idk where I'd get the time to go back and fix stuff. I feel like the overall tone of the game could have been improved for sure. Like the first 2 locations were really boring and like zero people ever had fun with those. The best locations were those afterwards but it says a lot that they were basically isolated from the cave setting and sort of meaningless in that regard. I agree for sure with Nanjo that the chapter events could have been made more interesting because we mostly gave up after chapter 1 and maybe chapter 4. I do agree that events could be more player-involved in a more interesting way and maybe chapter 1 was really lacking that in many regards because nobody really felt invested in anything. I don't think it's very hard to improve the DLs in that regard since there's a lot of potential but like activity is what make or break them in the first place and more often than not it's broken by the activity which is the hard part. Trials also suffered from it because like it felt to me that a very small minority was ever actively invested in them. I think without PB chapter 5's trial would have just been like AAAAAAAAAA but even more than it was. I think me/Nanjo GMing hurt it a lot since we're (objectively) pretty active in them and I feel like a lot of people just sort of gave up (or never even started trying). I disagree with Lone that trials really need revamping. I just think the problem is sorting out what people want because like I said earlier it's really difficult and confusing to sort out what exactly players want from trials at this point. Trials are always boosted by having more active solvers for sure and I don't think even if we change stuff up that part will get altered magically.

Also I think the cast being the worst one yet is hugely hyperbolic and there were more good and interesting characters present than in F2's but like whatever. I think the part that worsened them in general was that despite all the cool pregame relationships we planned out a lot of them flopped hard (Ciro/Micah being the peak example). I think the lack of EFLs (and good ones at that) especially hurt it. Like it would have been so cool to have an EFL between say Ivan and Daniel as that would have really fleshed out their relationship more as well as given us more to work with when the time came for it to be interesting. But then like a lot of the active players straight up never used a single one of their requests which is massively disappointing and underwhelming, much like how most of you feel about Nail never voting (which I don't disagree with either). We even tried to spark a lot of inter-character relationships in-game other than the pre-game ones (like Klifford and Shizune, Klifford and Brandy, Nail and Daniel, other stuff I'm forgetting probably) but a lot of those really didn't get fleshed out either. Like a lot of stuff involving that fell flat for sure and I'm not sure if there's a way to really improve that other than urging people to make their own EFLs but even then there's no guarantee they'll post in them and there are always periods of inactivity involved. Once again the issue being that people might be losing investment/interest in these games which can be hard to remedy. idk despite this game trying to be crazy and cool and different people seemed even more burnt out this time and even trying to make cast dynamics matter didn't help with that. I think even F5 had a better cast because they had more relationships and dynamics going on and there was a lot of charm to most of the FTEs which was really really missing this time. That's definitely my biggest disappointment with F6 castwise.

Anyway yeah that's all. Sorry this took like an actual hour to type but there you go. Sorry if like I was unintentionally like harmful with my wording or something, I didn't mean to target anyone here specifically. Just giving my general thoughts here. Also prompts are probably coming up tomorrow. I'd post them now but I've spent enough time on this and I'm exhausted from this alone so I don't really want to waste anymore energy on stuff right now.

Author:  WinterCoat [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:47 pm ]
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At this points, my only question has to do with the following quote:

"Also Satan being the cult leader was only passingly mentioned despite it being kinda big (and supposed to fuel a lot of his rivalry and hatred with Brandy and such)."

...why would Satan hate Brandy? The cult took things from her, she didn't do squat to them. Satan, being the rational guy he is, should probably see that Brandy's anger is pretty justified. Is Satan just a petty asshole or something lol?

Unless I'm just misinterpreting this bit

Author:  CaptainPancakes [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:51 pm ]
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I personally don't see how the ghosts negate Rattlewater, that's like two completely different things that aren't related. I guess you mean like it was emotionally stronger but you can have both? It felt like there were tons of loose ends. I still don't understand why literally Satan targetted Rattlewater in particular, which is an example of a loose end I feel exists.

I also don't really remember a lot of these relationships like Klifford and Brandy. Or in other words, there's Klifford and Shizune but a doctor / patient dynamic isn't what I would call something that interesting or significant. But Klifford could have definitely been more active and used Shizune for something.

The F2 thing is just a matter of opinion so idk. F2 had Colin, Simon, and Ohishi (and Monomi she's pretty sexy). I think the only character who would really "stand out" is Matt but I know some people don't think as highly of him compared to others. So yeah that's totally subjective and I don't think its hyperbolic.

Author:  WinterCoat [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

Klifford and Brandy was non-existent outside of alibis and one EFL. I think he's saying that they tried to kickstart it but we didn't really do anything with it, which is true.

Author:  SaizotheSixth [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

So, let me get this out of the way quickly.


Chapter 5... sucked ass.

I know, I know, so surprising coming from the mastermind. But I have issues beyond Chapter 5.

Most of my issues have already been stated by other people (Satan felt like a non sequitur, the ghost thing came out of nowhere, people weren't expecting it to end so quickly, cult wasn't more prominent, yadda yadda), but I think there was a massive missed opportunity on my part concerning names.

See, the point of the cult was supposed to be that there wasn't just a SINGLE cult. There were supposed to be MULTIPLE cults, and they all worshipped a different name of Satan. Those names had power over those who worshipped that specific name, but the rest couldn't do anything about it. So Lucifer had a cult, Satanael had a cult, Ha-Satan had a cult, you get a cult, you get a cult, everyone gets a cult!

And they'd all do the things that name stood for. So people who worshipped Lucifer would seek to punish humanity for its sins, followers of Satanael would seek to break humanity's chains, physical or otherwise, and followers of Ha-Satan would find or present adversaries to overcome.

I had hoped that Brandy especially would've accused Nail of being fine with her torture, but I also never brought it up to WC OOC, so I take responsibility for that one.

Beyond chapter 5, though, I had thought I would've known more about each murder, if not known pretty much everything, if not had a direct hand in each of them. I had always tried to make it a point that my character does his best to know everything, and come on, he's Satan. I didn't need to have it directly handed to me IC, but I would've appreciated it OOC at the very least. Alongside that, I expected that Nail would've done more to facilitate each murder. I wanted him to actually be testing them instead of watching them, but I... don't think that came across clearly to me until post game, so I don't blame the GMs for not doing it like that.

Other than that, I wanted to try my hand at GMing at least a little of an F game. I think it could've gone better? But it's hard to tell how. That's something I think this game in general suffered from; a lot of things were unclear while being clear, things that were supposed to be obvious or important were glossed over, and things that could've gone better don't have a clear answer as to how. I'm not sure how much of the game could've gone better had things been different in ways I'm not sure I know, but I've definitely heard a few ideas I wished I had thought of before the game started.

Regardless, that's my two cents. The game was fairly fun, I suppose, but there was a lot in the way of missed opportunities and rushed development, and that applies to me as well. And that just makes it even more disappointing.

Character rankings to follow... eeeeeeventually. I only have so much stamina for writing.

Author:  Planetbox [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

I really thought the last trial was fine mystery-wise. The main reason I had trouble was confusing GM confirmations, which sorta goes back to what you said. Like not to make this a #CALLOUTPOST but behind the scenes I theorized that Daniel was killed from the kitchen and Nanjo said something like "he couldn't have been killed through the wall" and I interpreted that as him being killed directly. And once Nanjo realized he might have confused me I solved it in like two seconds. I don't know about other people though; it could possibly just be burnout or general angst.

I don't think I would have solved it without the climax reasoning though. I'm still not sure how we were supposed to prove Oliver didn't do it, because not having that in the mix allowed me to focus on how Ivan could have done it. I guess the point was to figure out the murder method and then know Oliver was innocent, but my attention was never really going in that direction.

Also the Enola Ivan thing was just dumb and I don't even really have an excuse for that. I wasn't even willfully hiding it. I just was waiting for Ivan to bring it up and when he didn't then forgot.

Author:  KamiPanda [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

SaizotheSixth wrote:
Beyond chapter 5, though, I had thought I would've known more about each murder, if not known pretty much everything, if not had a direct hand in each of them. I had always tried to make it a point that my character does his best to know everything, and come on, he's Satan. I didn't need to have it directly handed to me IC, but I would've appreciated it OOC at the very least. Alongside that, I expected that Nail would've done more to facilitate each murder. I wanted him to actually be testing them instead of watching them, but I... don't think that came across clearly to me until post game, so I don't blame the GMs for not doing it like that.

Nail facilitating any other murders would have been a pretty terrible idea, I think. When the mastermind is the one who makes the murder happen, it robs the actual killer of a lot of their spotlight. Him doing stuff like setting up locations in advance, knowing that the gimmicks in each location would be useful in a murder, is fine. Him actively participating in any of the murders, in the way he did in chapter 5, would have been bad (other than in chapter 5 where it was a specifically unique thing).

Though honestly I never liked that Nail actively manipulated things after the blackout in chapter 5, specifically with him locking the bedroom entrances and moving Daniel. It made it seem like Ivan's entire plan wouldn't have even worked if it wasn't for the omniscient and omnipotent mastermind cleaning up the mess afterwards.

On a separate note, I think ultimately my issues with the 'difficulty' of chapter 5's trial were largely down to unclear GM comments and unclear evidence. Though there's also that, as PB said, we had no way to actually confirm a lot of the things that happened. That often boiled down to a GM just saying "yes that happened" or the Climax Reasoning. It was theoretically possible for Oliver to enter the bedroom via the window, beat Daniel to death with the rolling pin and then leave, circling around to the library. The only proof that he couldn't is Satan's word that he actually did hold the window shut, and technically Satan's meant to be working with the killer so it's strange that the players were meant to trust him.

Regarding that, I have mixed feelings about Red Truths. On the one hand having solid facts is good. On the other hand it felt like the Red Truths were used to keep confirming things that the players could never really outright confirm themselves. I'm of the firm belief that a mystery should, in theory at least, be solvable entirely without GM intervention. Players are robbed of their agency when they can only make progress when the game does it for them.

Author:  DootDootDoot [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Danganronpa F6 Post-Game Thread

CaptainPancakes wrote:
The F2 thing is just a matter of opinion so idk. F2 had Colin, Simon, and Ohishi (and Monomi she's pretty sexy).

This is a good post, but thanks to your avatar I now have the memory of Ivan calling Monomi sexy in my mind.

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