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Final case * mega spoilers*
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Author:  davech1987 [ Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Final case * mega spoilers*

I am just on the final court day of the case and something made me think.

Alot of morgans plan is left to chance right ? she did the letter 1 year before case 3-5 takes place how would she know maya and pearl would go up to the temple.

Also how did she know 1 year earlier that Dalhia would be excuted by that time plan would have be doomed if she had stay of excution.

What if some reason either of the 2 had fallen Ill ^^:

Just seems wierd as too much left to chance with this plan and dalhia may gone against morgan and not chosen to kill maya.

On relfection still love the case but morgans plan seems way to chancy

anyone else give there thoughts would be interesting as doesnt make sense lol

Author:  Kentjr [ Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Final case * mega spoilers*

In some regard, yes. However Dahlia and Morgan were communicating through jail. So while their plan could have taken years, it's possible that it was just a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. Dalhia at that point was going to be executed regardless. And with the hunger of revenge for Mia, she was just waiting for her chance to strike too. Although I'm not sure how she would have known that they would be on the mountain, I think that was just sheer chance.

This case kind of reminds me of Apollo Justice for the final case in some ways. There are a lot of "What if" scenarios that could have played out in that case as well. However, when you THINK about it, it's what makes those cases so great, and the baddies so sinister. The possibility that there could have been way more victims than intended.

Author:  CatMuto [ Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Final case * mega spoilers*

Exactly! I always wondered how exactly Morgan even knew what became of her daughters or that one of them was being sent to jail and eventually executed for murder. After all, I think it's mentioned that neither of the sides had contact with each other before Morgan and Dahlia met in jail.

And even that is weird, after all, didn't they need proof that Dahlia and Morgan were related? How did they find out? And considering their conversations are (I think?) monitored, are you telling me they recorded the entire conversation talking about how they planned for a spirit to be channeled and kill someone? Or, if it wasn't recorded, what about the background guard, if we assume he is a real person and not a cardboard cut out. Was this whole plan made up during one visit? Or multiple ones? Were they even in the same prison?

Since this is part of the Japanese system, here's the thing about Japanese death sentenced people. They don't know ahead of time when they will get executed. It could be days, weeks or even years after they were originally imprisoned until it happens. How did Morgan know ahead of time that Dahlia was imprisoned and eventually executed? If they were in the same prison, she might have seen Dahlia leave to be executed.

And leaving the letter for Pearl to find is risky, too. What if someone else had found it? They might have moved the letter when seeing it in a hidden place, maybe it has Pearl's name written on it and they put it somewhere to give it to her later? (Or, in Godot's case, should've burned it, but that opens a whole other can of problems with 3-5)

And why exactly did Morgan want this to happen one month after Dahlia was executed? Is there a time frame where you have to wait before being able to channel a spirit? Why was it so important to do this one month later? Why not immediately after the execution?


Author:  davech1987 [ Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Final case * mega spoilers*

Also dalhia testifys that when morgan got sent to jail then it when they came up with the plan but morgan said she wrote the letter before she got taken :S

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