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AA-themed book on Japanese court system scheduled for Oct.Topic%20Title
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An Ace Attorney-themed book with the tentative title of Nihon no Saiban ga Wakaru Hon (A Book To Understand Japanese Trials) is scheduled for late October this year in Japan. The book will provide an introduction to the Japanese court system, like what the work of defense attorneys, prosucutors and judges entail and how a trial works, with the help of Ace Attorney art.

A similar book was released in 2009 to coincide with the introduction of the Lay Judge system in Japan: Gyakuten Hotei: Saiban'in Koryaku Dokuhon had an original Ace Attoney story with Phoenix working on a case featuring the Lay Judge system, followed by a sort of For Dummies section which introduced the Japanese court system and the (then) new Lay Judge system.
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Re: AA-themed book on Japanese court system scheduled for OcTopic%20Title
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Dang, it’s even official. Impressive.
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