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Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!Topic%20Title
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I know, I know, another CR help wanted ad? Stay with me here...

For the past couple of years, CR has been working on a total site revamp, and a big chunk of that work is rewriting or completing the content we have on the site today. Unfortunately, every time we've tried to get copywriting up and running, it's crashed and burned - not because of the volunteers who come to us to write, but because we don't keep track of what needs doing and who handles it well.

Put another way, we've faceplanted hard on project management the past couple of years. Most of our staff is either busy with full-time work/college or just doesn't have the skillset to manage individual work items like this. It's not fair to the people who've offered their time over the years, and it's not good for the site.

We're looking for someone who can help with the following things:
  • Completing a list of what we're missing from the current site and what needs to be rewritten
  • Scouting and hiring copywriters
  • Prioritizing what needs to be done and assigning it to writers
  • Following up with writers if needed to make sure progress is happening
  • Keeping track of all the work that's been done and handing out new assignments

We realize it sounds like a lot, but that's because... it is! The last few years have been a painful lesson that we can't stretch ourselves six ways at once. So we're really looking for someone who's got the drive and organization to keep track of all this. Note that you don't have to be a writer for this - on the contrary, we'd rather have someone who can just focus on keeping all the wheels spinning. Nor do you have to be versed in website dev - this work'll likely be done through Google Docs, and if anything more advanced is needed, we'll be happy to teach you on the job.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let us know, either here or via email (courtrecord [at] gmail)! We'd truly appreciate it - CR has always been a volunteer operation, and we need all the help we can get.
Hi! I've largely stepped back from C-R due to life stuff. Please contact one of the other staff members for help!

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Re: Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!Topic%20Title

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Rather than a Copywriting manager, it sounds like you're looking for a Project Manager really... Should be lots of people out there that fit the bill! Is this paid/remunerated in any way?
Re: Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!Topic%20Title
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This sounds intriguing to me. Are you still looking?
Re: Court-Records is looking for a copywriting manager!Topic%20Title
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We will probably make an announcement when we do find someone. At the very least, we will edit this posting. So go ahead and apply.
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