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Court Records Wants Streamers!Topic%20Title
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As you may (or may not) know, Court Records has a Cytube page, and we’re looking for people to provide content for it.

Cytube lets you show video from various places, such as youtube, that other not youtube site, livestream, ustream, raw rtmp servers, etc. It adds on a chat and playlist. In trying to make our page less boring between major Ace Attorney updates, we thought it would be great to have some people come stream some awesome stuff* for us. We’ll take someone for any hour of the week; we’ve got plenty of time zones, after all.

*By stuff, we mean Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney fangames, and things that are similar to Ace Attorney. (If you have any other bright ideas, feel free to ask a member of the CR staff)

If you wish to offer your services, contacting us through the site's official email address, (that's right, there's no "s"), is preferable, though we're open to PMs here on the forum, too.

  • Proper equipment
  • Professionalism -- be on time, etc.
  • Ability to stream relatively consistently
  • Engaging content
  • A setting without unnecessary interruptions

  • Any age rating, but the audience must be warned about higher ratings
  • No porn
  • No slurs -- racial, homophobic, transphobic, religious, or otherwise

Re: Court Records Wants Streamers!Topic%20Title
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I've been thinking about this and kinda want to do some spriting live, and taking requests from the chat to make a sprite.
Still don't know how to stream or if I'll be able to do it at a time when people can watch (given differences in timezones)
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