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Eshiro's look at 2017/2018 (4gamer)Topic%20Title
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Each year, 4gamer interviews developers and producers on the ending year, and the upcoming year. This year Eshiro answered some questions. Not much Ace Attorney news, only that they have plans for 2018. "The new title" he's talking about is not likely (main series) Ace Attorney here by the way, but a new series/IP/title he's working on (With "title", they usually mean the title of a series, and you wouldn't first say something vague like we have plans for Ace Attorney for 2018, and then say something specific in the next sentence...)

1) What game released in 2017 made the most impression on you?
Eshiro: Persona 5. It's been a while since I got so hooked on an RPG, but the hip and stylish world that includes even the UI and the speedy battle mechanics got me. I really loved they had house music during the battles. It's a game where you can really feel the great sense the developers have.

2) What work of entertainment released in 2017 made the most impression on you?
It's a drama that already has a long history abroad, but Grey's Anatomy was interesting. I watched all seasons in one go on Hulu, but I got drawn in by the shocking story developments that would make you forget it's a story set in a hospital.

3) Who caught your attention the most in 2017?
Yozo Sakagami of Bandai Namco Entertainment. We occassionally go drinking together to have a chat. We're about the same age, so from the same generation, so I can really relate to him, and as a fellow producer, I learn much from him in regards to promoting games and reaching out to the fans.

4) Could you tell us about your plans for 2018, or something for the readers of 4Gamer?
For 2018, we will continue working on plans that fans of the Ace Attorney series will enjoy. We are also planning a new title at the moment, so personally I think it'll become a year full of challenges for me.

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