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Court Records Needs New Copywriters!Topic%20Title
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In other news, there's a continent to the west of Europe. I'll let our Minister of Copywriting take it from here.

Lumos wrote:
Oh look, we’re recruiting for copywriters again. Ah ha ha.

We’d love it if you guys would be willing to help out! You’d be writing up small things like episode descriptions and character profiles — hopefully not too involved. If there are people who would be willing to type up transcriptions of the games as well, I would probably pledge my allegiance to you forever.

If you’re interested, shoot us an email at (There’s no “s” at the end), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks guys!

— Lumos

Re: Court Records Needs New Copywriters!Topic%20Title
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I'd be interested in doing this, but what exactly will this entail? Does "episode" mean covering the anime, or the games?
Also does that include the manga? (if it's the manga, I own all 5 volumes of the AA manga and Vol 1 of the AAI one)

EDIT: If it helps, I sent these to Wooster back in 2012. They're the English names of the manga characters already added to the site.
Turnabout with the Wind:
Suzune Kazama - Belle Windsor

Hikaru Shinjou is "Bright Bonds"
Same age and works for "Company Y" and deals with Fashion Accessories
Misc. Facts: Hugh fan of the "Gigantes" Baseball team

Biddi Tenniman Image
Occupation - Manager of an Inn (She calls it "run down")
(Her profile isn't on the website)

Turnabout Gallows:
Akamune Komori - Robin Wolfe
Jirou Kimura - Eddie Johnson (23)
Hatsurou Kimura - Brock Johnson
Sara Komori - Lira Wolfe
Himeko Komori - Theridia Wolfe
Azuchi Yamashiro - Thomas Spitzer (Age:52)
Sasao Komori - Bobby Wolfe (35 in the translation for some reason)(Instead of 34 for Japanese)

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