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Help for fan-gameTopic%20Title

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Hello, all.

I have finished plans for a fan-game based on the Ace Attorney series, and I'm not talking about a single case. I'm talking about 5 cases all linked to each other and serving as a long-running narrative. Some of the things I have planned will be emotional roller-coasters for Ace Attorney fans.

The problem is, while I'm a more-than-competent writer, I'm not so good at the other stuff (programming, art design, music, etc). Even if this turns into a series of cases on Ace Attorney Online or something similar, character sprites, location sprites, programming itself and hopefully some original music are things that I am not good at.

I am requesting help in these areas. Anyone who would be willing to help out, please reply. I understand that I have not revealed much about the specifics in this thread, and that is by design, as if this game ever gets produced somehow, there are definite spoilers I want to avoid.

At this point, what I can reveal is that these cases take place in the future of the series, and will feature a completely new story arc that will throw most of you for a loop. It will deal with a different side of being a defence attorney, and an aspect of the job that the main series has not touched upon yet.

Please respond if you are interested in helping out. :yogi:
Re: Help for fan-gameTopic%20Title
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Atuyhan Ihdamdhas

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I could do the music. I'm a pretty good composer. I have a few tracks for my fangame, Ace Attorney Generations, already in my SoundCloud, (though these need to be updated) so I may be able to help you.
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