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Court-Records Files - an idea for a community projectTopic%20Title
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OK, I've had this idea for a couple of months now. I want to see other's opinions on this.

While developing T-Confusion, I got this idea to hit me on the head. Throughout some of the other communities, I've noticed "projects" that various members of the community would contribute something to make a finished project. My prime examples are Ludum Dare, "Make a Good Mega Man Level", and the "Doomworld Mapping Project." All this left me to one thought:

Why don't we have this sort of thing for Ace Attorney?

I was thinking that, using the PyWright engine (for accuracy to the original games), we as a community could build a fangame with different cases, story lines, and authors. People could work solo, or work in "teams" of sorts. We could call it "The Court-Records Files" or something. Obviously, there'd be ample time for a project like this to be done, but the question is: who would want to do this, and how many people will play it? How will people feel about this? is because of these questions that I turn to the forums. I'd like to hear opinions of the other members of the site.
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Re: Court-Records Files - an idea for a community projectTopic%20Title
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Truth is, you're not going to get a lot of people for this. One, the fan game making scene on Court Records, author-wise, is fairly small from what I'm seeing. Two, not everyone is going to be acquainted with PyWright, much less how to make an entire case around it from the start. And three, unless everyone works together from the get-go to somehow tie all these cases together -- how would it be any different than individuals (or team) just announcing their own cases and proceeding to work on their own pace? Technically, you'd then call this entire section "The Court-Records Files". And if you do have them work together... then how is it any different than having a team for a single fan game? Were you trying to suggest that everyone is just told a rough idea of what a case should be and then left to their own devices? That could lead to a lot of continuity errors. And with so few things being finished, what happens if one of the case makers just drops out? Risky.

Mind you, the thought's crossed my mind (with the AAO engine in mind, though, since it would be easy to just look at the other members' progress), but again -- lack of participants would still be an issue.

The closest thing to this that has so far worked the best are the case competitions on AAO. Instead of working on one game, though, it's people independently working on cases on a set theme. (Obviously, all cases are made on AAO, though.)
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Re: Court-Records Files - an idea for a community projectTopic%20Title
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DudeWithAMask wrote:
the fan game making scene on Court Records, author-wise, is fairly small

This, pretty much. Fan games - particularly fan games on Pywright - have a huge failure rate, presumably because people just give up after realizing that it will require a lot more effort than they were initially expecting. You would have better luck going to AAO with this, but even then I'd say don't get your hopes up.
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