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[AAO] Turnabout in Payne and SufferingTopic%20Title
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Spoiler: Synopsis shamelessly stolen from clcman
Winston Payne, having ceased to be a prosecutor for unspecified reasons, takes on his first case as a defense attorney, defending his brother Gaspen from accusations of committing the perfectly understandable crime of beating the snot out of Larry Butz. But is that all that's going on here? Can Winston Payne find (and handle) the truth? And what's with all the cell phones?

Spoiler: Credits (might contain massive spoilers)
Wilson Hurte was made by Godot Mango
Constantine Halling was made by gotMLK7
Constance Payne made by DragonTrainer
Additional Winston Payne poses made by: Tilemaxosbra, Silver Glas and Ceres/Mr. Incognito
Judge's breakdown pose done by ~Dataman~
Base for Gaspen Payne's and Wilson Hurte's front sprites done by Cup_Of_Law
Rebuttal graphic done by jmkrebs30
Thought Route graphics done by TheDoctor
Fade-in/Fade-out graphics done by Ferdielance
Ceres/Mr.Incognito & Tap = Compiling the background packs

"Intro Theme" is "Turnabout for Tomorrow - Intro"
"Wilson Hurte ~ Hurteful Prosecutor" is "Bravely Folk Song" from Soul Blade
"Curb Your Enthusiasm, Winston!" is "Curb Your Enthusiasm - Main Theme"
"Reminiscence ~ What One Never Gets Back" is "Dead Stare" from Hotel Dusk: Room 215
"Revisualization ~ Sorting Out The Logic" is "Illusionary Blue Flowers" from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd
"Pursuit ~ You Can't Run!" is "You Say Run!" from My Hero Academia
"Cross-Examination ~ Payneful Delusions" is "Tragic Decision" from Xenoblade Chronicles
"Reminiscence ~ The Judgement Day" is "Terminator II - Main Theme"
Credits Theme is "California" by Phantom Planet
Playtesters: PokerPop, NyanMaster, Herr Witonator.
Ceres/Mr.Incognito & Tap = Compiling the background packs

Spoiler: Walkthrough
--I Ate Soup At The Bar--

Press Statement 2
Choose "Where were you sitting"
Present the map at 2-1.

whoops that was all optional

Present either Report or Map at Statement 4.

--Brawl In The Bar--

Press Statement 2 (Optional but can give you evidence that may help later)
Press Statement 6
Choose "What did you do after that?"
Present Report at the new statement.
Pick "Additional Information"
Pick "Halling didn't call"
Pick "He was the true culprit!"

--A Hurteful Argument--
Skip all the statements to co-counsel talk.
When prompted, pick "No."

--My Cellphone--
Present Halling's profile at statement 3
Present Police Officer's profile.
Pick "A lot"

--Last Line of Defense--
Present either de Killer's profile or the Missing Barrel (if you have it, that is)
Choose the bar stand area on the map
Pick "After the crime"
Pick "He didn't"
Present the Crime Report or the Police Officer's profile
Pick "He didn't know what was going on"
Pick "There's something off with the phone"
Pick "The Phone was de Killer"
Present Halling's profile (optional)
Present Hurte's profile
Pick "There isn't"
Present Larry's profile
Present Crime Report
Present Gaspen's profile
Present Gaspen's Beer

--Back to Reality--
Lose. Seriously.

So this is the entry for "The Best Worst Comp Ever" competition, designed to be pretty much as dumb as possible while still being fun. I hope what I've prepared will be satisfying enough!
Re: [AAO] Turnabout in Payne and SufferingTopic%20Title
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Having played this, all I'll say is that this is actually the best case ever despite the competition it was submitted for and you should definitely play this. Wonderful case with twists even I couldn't expect.
Re: [AAO] Turnabout in Payne and SufferingTopic%20Title
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This case was really out of the ordinary. I didn't expect any of the twists that happened during the proceedings. Wonderful ending, as well. Give this case a shot.
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