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[AAO] The Enchanted Turnabout
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Author:  Ana R. [ Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  [AAO] The Enchanted Turnabout

The Enchanted Turnabout
Entry to the Setting the Stage comp by bigwins.

Investigation 1
Trial 1
Investigation 2
Trial 2

In the middle of the woods, on a long stormy night, lies a house. Seven people. And among them, an ominous cackle.

(Contains light spoilers for Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. It's recommended you play that before playing this. However, as this case is set in an alternate universe, it does not directly spoil the plot of the game.)


Elizabeth by DragonTrainer
Vanessa by Lind
Victoria by SuperAJ3
Victor Butler by Silver Glas
Dr. Pilfnam by Ceres
Hyde by gotMLK7
Rosemary by Lind

Some BGS from Umineko and Layton VS Wright. Others from background folder compiled by Ceres.
Courtroom by SuperAJ3

Most music is from Umineko and Layton VS Wright. There's also some from Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice.

Spoiler: Investigation 1
-Outside House
Move to Door

Talk to Elizabeth
Present the Baked Bread

Talk to Vanessa
Move to Dining Room

-Dining Room
Talk to Victoria

Move to Upstairs

Examine the corpse
Examine any window
Examine the bed

-Deathknell Dungeon
Talk to Elizabeth
Move to Hallway

Talk to Butler
Move to Lounge

Talk to the sisters
Move to Hallway > Bedroom

Talk to Hyde
Examine the corpse
Examine the table
Examine the bed
Examine the rightmost window

Spoiler: Trial 1
Testimony 1: Crime Scene Visit
Present Fainfol on Statement 5
'The victim was killed later'
Refresh if you need to.

Testimony 2: She and I Are Innocent
Press Statement 3
'There's a problem'
'Cleaning upstairs'
'There's still a problem'
Present Victoria's profile
Present the Victim's Dinner on the new statement

Testimony 3: Discovering the Body
Press Statement 3
Question Butler
'I have an idea'
Present Victoria's Perfume
'Victoria was upstairs'

Testimony 4: Off the Scent
Press Statement 4
Question Butler
Present the Bedroom Stain on the new statement
'The brown dress'

Spoiler: Investigation 2
Talk to Edgeworth
Move to Deathknell Dungeon

-Deathknell Dungeon
Talk to Elizabeth - Present the Footprint Report
Move to Courtroom

Talk to Hyde
Move to Edgeworth's Office

-Edgeworth's Office
Talk to Edgeworth

-Outside the Court
Examine the green stain

-Edgeworth's Office
'The mansion'
Move to Hallway

Move Upstairs

Present the Crime Scene Key
Examine the body

-Edgeworth's Office
Talk to Edgeworth
Present the Talea Magica #2

-Edgeworth's Office
Talk to Edgeworth

Spoiler: Trial 2
Testimony 5: Flames of Disaster
Present Ignaize on Statement 5

Testimony 6: The Invisible Witch
Present the Grand Grimoire on Statement 4
'The witch's location'
'Somewhere else'
'The Courtroom Diagram'
Point to the roof, right above the witch's cage
Present Vanessa's profile

Testimony 7: Why I Am Not Guilty
Press Statement 4
Question The Knight
'There was'
Present Dimere
Press the new statement
Present the Courthouse Stain
'Both surfaces were green'
Present the Missing Curtain
Present the White Scrap

Testimony 8: Spell-broken
Press Statement 3
'They were swapped'
Present the Talea Magica #1
Present Pilfnam's profile
Present Godoor
'They were already inside'
Point to the bed
Present the Bedroom Stain
Present the Crime Scene Key
Present Elizabeth's Key
'The killer locked it'
Present the Victim's Dinner
Present Pilfnam's profile

Testimony 9: Visiting Rosemary
Present the Footprints Report on Statement 2

Present the Grand Grimoire

Author:  Southern Corn [ Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [AAO] The Enchanted Turnabout

Wow putting this on CR but not Turnabout Tennis smh.

At any rate, this is a case that I must simply get to as soon as I'm able to. The PLvsAA connection makes it all the more intriguing as well!

Author:  Southern Corn [ Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [AAO] The Enchanted Turnabout

Double post but I actually finished this case today. Overall, very good case. I loved the PLvsAA setting and how it was made use of here, so that was pretty well done. The mystery and trial flow was excellent as expected and I loved putting it together slowly. Truly an enjoyable experience here and I do recommend it.

Spoiler: Details
I really had no idea where this took place in the game itself but eventually I just accepted this as its own thing, which helped me like it a lot more. Though I'm still confused on it a bit.

In terms of criticisms I don't think Hyde and Edgeworth really fit well into the case well at all and they stuck out like a sore thumb. Hyde's design is just weird and I feel like Edgeworth would maybe protest more to how justice is served here. Everything else worked like a charm though. I love how the second murder was committed especially.

I really liked the culprit's identity here though. I was almost disappointed that it was so obviously Vanessa, especially by the end of the final investigation where she just tried to kill him. So seeing her being just an accomplice was pretty great. I loved how Pilfnam was just a murderer instead of a witch, it was really cool how he did it without needing to use magic. I actually thought Victor did it since he had the key for so long so oops. But yeah he was pretty great and catching him was even better. I guess his motive being revealed post trial and all was pretty weak, and I was also sort of expecting more detail on that when it turned out to be such a side thing in the end. Also thought Victor and Victoria had some weird relation but I guess that was just a coincidence?

Also Victoria's courtroom background sprite thing was beautiful, 10/10.

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