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Authors: Starora, SpiritofAce (50/50 collaboration - Star does more of the artwork, and the majority of the planning for the story in each of the rounds, whilst I write the majority of the script and source custom content to use, including music where possible. We both tend to help each other with pretty much everything, though. Boxart was created by Star.

Trial series created on Ace Attorney Online casemaker, 1/5 rounds completed! ●○○○○

Background: A non-canon series of trials featuring characters from AA1 up until Apollo Justice, which is more focused on comedic relief than to be taken too seriously, as the story in each of the rounds has been created not just to make a good mystery to solve, but also to make you laugh. Maya has heard about this competition happening at the District Court which takes place annually known as 'The Judge's Cup.' It pits Defense Attorneys agains Prosecutors in a series of 5 mock trials, with the winning side of each round progressing to the next ladder of the competition. The winner of the final round will win the competition, and along with it a $5,000 prize!

Round One


We have completed the first round, and we would love to hear your feedback and criticisms so that we can improve it. Work has already begun on the second round, with a lot of the planning done and currently we are working on an investigation segment.

Round One brief:
In this mock trial, famous actor Will Powers has found himself in another mess, and he needs the help of Phoenix and Maya to get himself out of this mess! Sound familiar? This time, he is accused of being responsible for a series of thefts that have been taking place at the Trés Bien restaurant. The item he has been accused of stealing is a $1500 ancient coin, which was stolen from a familiar customer... Penny Nichols! Can Phoenix and Maya find the truth behind this mystery, or will the heat of the competition prove too much for them?

It's important to make a note that although this is one of our first attempts at a trial, in particular for Star who has never used the editor before until I introduced her to it. You may know Star from the evidence creating thread in the Art forum. Anyway, we hope you enjoy playing the first round and you give us your honest thoughts on it. Star and I will be responding to any questions you have, and any criticisms. Look forward to hearing from you!

All of the custom evidence used in the first round was created by Star.

Special Credit to Broocevelt for allowing us to use some of his awesome soundtrack, which we would love to use more of in the coming rounds!
Custom Music:
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