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[PyWright] A New World Of Turnabouts
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Author:  WrightXavier [ Wed Jan 25, 2023 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  [PyWright] A New World Of Turnabouts

A New World Of Turnabouts

Two young rookies face off against each other in the courtroom, both on their first case, and both familiar with each other. What starts off as a simple case of murder, soon becomes a dark plot that ties in to a case from 12 years past. The prosecutor seems to know more about the situation than the others, and soon finds himself having to fight a demon related to his past...

Dolores Willows - Sligneris, Anyare
Daniel Radcliff (Extra) - SuperAj3, Sligneris, Tap
Markus Parkly - Appl3jack, TheDoctor, VirtAnderson
Zoey Parkly - Rajin, mercurialSK
Tara Loft - Lind
Martha Tive/Constantine Porter (Extra): FenrirDarkWolf
Victor Maskerone (Young) - FenrirDarkWolf
Mathias Parkly - FenrirDarkWolf, Aeliren
Emma Lori (Extra) - Tap
Ropfa - For his tutorial on PyWright
Staraora - Custom Evidence
TheDoctor - Thought Route Sprites
PyWright Engine by Saluk

TRIAL - Daniel POV
Testimony 1
Present Crime Photo on statement 4

Testimony 2
Press statement 2
Present Watch on Statement 4
Present Witness Statement

Testimony 3
Press all statements

Testimony 4
Press statement 2
Select 'It's here' when prompted
Select 'She struck the victim' when prompted

Present Truman Acer's profile

(This section is actually pretty easy, so there's no need for an explanation on this part.)

TRIAL - AN-3 Flashback
Testimony 1
Present Tara Loft's profile on statement 2
Present Security Camera Footage

Testimony 2
Press last statement
Select 'Time when you called the police' when prompted
Present Call Transcript on added statement
Select 'In a testimony' when prompted
Present Martha Tive's profile
Present Mira Willows's profile
Present Bag of money

Daniel's Hospital Room
Exhaust All Talk Options

Criminal Affairs
Exhaust All Talk Options
Move to Detention Center

Detention Center
Select 'Mole' talk option
Present Strange Gem

Present Dolores Willows's profile
Present AN-3 Case File
Select 'You were the prosecutor' when prompted
Present Mira Willows's profile

Detention Center
Select the only talk option

Move to Criminal Affairs
Move to Tender Lender

Tender Lender:
Select the only talk option
Present Strange Gem

Present Constantine Porter's profile
Present Truman Acer's profile

Tender Lender
Select the only talk option there is

Detention Center
Present Strange Gem

Present Bruto Cadaverini's profile
Present Viola Cadaverini's profile
Present Autopsy Report

TRIAL - Markus POV
Rebuttal 1
Press statement 4
Present Autopsy Report on statement 5
Present Dolores Willows's profile

Rebuttal 2
Press statement 1
Select 'Object' when prompted
Select 'The murder weapon' when prompted

Present Constantine's Profile or the Autopsy Report

Select 'They're watching it remotely' when prompted
Select 'They had no choice' when prompted
Present Phone Call Recording
Present Melissa Green's profile

Present Witness Statement

Final Testimony
Press All Statements

Select 'On someone's person' when prompted
Present Dolores Willows's Profile
Click on Dolores Willows's parasol

Present AN-3 Case File


A remake of one of my oldest AAO cases. Trust me when I say the original was hot garbage. The PyWright remake, while it may not be flawless, is a vast improvement, I'd like to think. Enjoy.

PyWright version 0.989 is recommended, since that's the version I made it on.


Author:  SuperAj3 [ Fri Jan 27, 2023 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [PyWright] A New World Of Turnabouts

I've seen you enter AAO case comps but don't think I've played any released cases.
Excited to give this a try! I'm not sure if you're in the case developer's discord server but I'll be sharing my thoughts there as I play. I'll consolidate it into a reply here when I've finished.

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