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Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!
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Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

It was the first one, actually.

Author:  Pie [ Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Yeah, I thought it sounded familiar.

Author:  wassamattawityucca [ Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Uh...sorry for the lack of pictures...
I'm currently out of town, but will try my best to draw while I'm away.

By the way, although the new hair style is nice, I don't think it can replace her 'fro. XD

Author:  Pie [ Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Ideas running a little dry again, it seems. I was trying to think more about who would've raised Daryan... and no, tempting as it is, not a pack of wild sharks. I mean who would be teaching him what at Holy Trinity, especially who would be the one teaching him fighting. Which led to the decision that April May, as oldest of the nurses and the representative of Redd White/Von Karma at HT, would probably have a major hand in his care.

Which led to one of the cutest damn pictures ever, daaawwwwh Bee needs to draw kids more often.

... yeah, that's all.


Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Points of discussion taken from the temporary invisionfree thread.

Adrian Andrews' Expanded History
Adrian was an orphan in Manfred's empire, adopted by Celeste Inpax, who was one of Manfred's top military leaders. In order to avoid social stigma, she married her compatriot and friend, Juan Corrida. Eventually, Celeste would begin the rebellion against Manfred and be executed by Juan under Manfred's orders. Adrian inherited the Pulsar Suit from her mother and was brainwashed, suppressing her memories of her family. She became a bodyguard for Franziska von Karma, and from there the two formed a close friendship.

Celeste Inpax and Juan Corrida
Celeste and Juan were some of Manfred von Karma's top lieutenants. Juan later had to prove his loyalty to Manfred by executing Celeste for her treason. He has since grown old, continuing to lead Manfred's army.

Celeste wore and developed a prototype Pulsar Suit that was the precursor to Adrian's current blue Pulsar Suit. It was pink and had butterfly wing extensions that enabled flight. (Possible upgrade/backup suit for Adrian in later parts of story?)

Juan's suit is... currently under consideration, although WhiteElephant and I seem to agree, he has to fight with a guitar of some kind. He's the Jammin' Ninja, for cripes sake. (I vote it be a GITAROO)

Where in the World is Viola Cadaverini? And Dee Vasquez
A lot of talk has been going back and forth for how to incorporate the Mafia darlings of the AA universe, especially since Furio Tigre's concept currently paints him as a mutant tigranthrope produced by Holy Trinity, almost entirely divorced from his old Mafia connections.

Some concepts have been thrown around where Dee and Viola are actually close relatives, possibly with Dee being an aunt; so long as there is some sort of parental or sisterly connection. As to what they actually want and how they go about it, there have been few ideas.

One idea was to grant Dee Vasquez mind-control abilities that let her manipulate people's perceptions and memories of events, possibly even messing with continuity itself... obviously overpowered, but it was put forth. Other ideas include the awesome psychic power of becoming living diamond (lol blatant Marvel ripoff).

As for Viola, she has been a number of things through Super Makoto's history: at one time, she was pitched as a practitioner of black magic and witchcraft; at another she was the modern incarnation of the Delphic Oracle, fated to assist Apollo Justice after discovering her destiny; the latest concept sees her as a mob princess that seeks to surround herself with beautiful and valuable treasures and artifacts from around the world.

Team Berry's Slacking Off Again
Regina Berry and Max Galactica, former television superstar superhero duo... until Big Berry Studios closed down and they lost their jobs. Now they work as henchmen for Luke Atmey, the Eccentrist. When they're not drinking Atmey's liquor cabinet dry, they're out and about causing trouble looking for the funding and extra equipment that the Eccentrist can't acquire through legit means.

Acro and the Racial Stereotype of Doom
Ken and Sean Dingling are proud Native Americans (though purebloods have long since died out). In fact, they're related to one of the shaman that taught the Marshall brothers how to use Spirit Energy techniques to combat the forces of evil. Something bad happened, though, and Sean is in a coma from some major head trauma, while Ken runs a less-than-honorable casino business... in his wheelchair.

Author:  Pie [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

To honor the safe return of the forums and the SMako thread, I have but a single word:


Author:  wassamattawityucca [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

O_O Who I missed alot!
That's what I get for leaving on a trip AGAIN!

I'll attempt to get something done, but I can't promise with all of this summer work I've procrastinated on...

Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Genderswap Origins
We still don't has them. How the hell did BOTH Kristoph and Klavier get turned into genderswapping supers?

Again, a big issue was trying to somehow connect Kristoph's power into Makoto's history, but there needed to be a way to tie Klavier into it, as well. Do we lose something if they aren't involved with Makoto at all? How closely can we parallel 4-4? How do they escape each other's suspicions?

Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

And something resembling an update on this front:

The most recent ideas surrounding Klavier and Rocktra seem to bring the full "Gitaroo" mythos into the fold. Whereas Juan Corrida possesses a Gitaroo, Rocktra is in fact the incarnation of the legendary "Gitaroo Girl" who is destined to bring balance to the Force use the combined powers of the Gitaroo for justice. Klavier has this power residing in him, but because "Gitaroo Girl" is a female persona, he can't access those powers until he gains the ability to become Rocktra... which isn't really part and parcel to the package, see.

Similarly, Kristoph has another side to him that waits to be unleashed: a demon! But not just any demon; a succubus! It's currently unclear as to how much of a demon Kristoph will literally beā€”some ideas have posited the idea that Kristoph is actually an incubus, with a succubus form following naturally.

So while both brothers have different origins for their genderswapped personas, their actual ability to genderswap does not exist. And that's where Makoto comes in! By some miserable circumstance, she grants both of them the ability to access their feminine sides and then bamf.

Yeah, I don't know how it'd work, either. |D

In other news, Moonlight Angel makes a return to the cast. But not really. She's just a figment of Luke Atmey's imagination. Yes, the egotistical Eccentrist, unable to attract his own fanbase, dreams up his perfect woman and christens her the "Moonlight Angel." Lacking the ability to make her reality, he abducts Makoto and commissions her to bring his angel into reality through Power Perfect.

This is, of course, the point he realizes that Makoto's Inspiration superpower can't really create living things, much less people. Still, he's happy enough just to have that one pretty painting...

(Another possibility is that Moonlight Angel only makes appearances within artspace, sometimes greeting characters who artjump with Makoto... she's stuck there anyways.)

Author:  Pie [ Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

First off, things that other people might actually care about.

As far as major story arcs go, I think it's pretty set that the first Big Bad to have a whole story arc and inevitably be defeated will be Damon Gant. After all, he's been developed in a way that really helps introduce a slew of new and old heroes, by giving a good overall reason why many of the old heroes have either retired or dropped into supporting roles, and simultaneously making a need for new heroes to replace them. He's also a manipulator, so I expect he'll have lesser villains doing his dirty work in his plot arc as much as he does it himself (... not THAT kind of dirty work!).

I also expect that Angel would be very active in this arc, though as an independent villain and never working for Gant, and afterward either retire or become a supporting hero, depending. She's bound to learn that Goodman was alive the whole time, and the result is pretty much that he either dies in the final showdown with Gant or he lives and the two live happily ever after. Either way, it works - as much as I love Angel as Vision, the whole sight powers would start to feel overused if she were around for the entire run of Super Makoto.

Now, on the other hand, Makoto actually taking on von Karma will probably be the last Big Bad arc, because he's basically the most puppetmaster-like of all the Big Bads. Not to mention he's the most distant of the Big Bads, and yet all roads seem to lead to him eventually. (By the way, Lydi's not part of that family in Super Makoto, right? Maybe we should give her a different family name, or find a way to connect her to the bigger plot?)

Sadistress, as important and big and bad as she is, will probably never have her own major Big Bad arc, because those end with the defeat of the Big Bad and Sadistress must be omnipresent in the storyline. So, instead, Sadistress will be the first, last, and eternal rival of Makoto. She'll be the first one Makoto fights, and most likely she'll get an epilogue battle even after von Karma, which will either take her down or establish that Makoto's adventures continue on into the future. In a way, Sadistress's presence seems to justify that of Super Makoto's. So perhaps we've been going about the Gavins origins the wrong way, and instead of Makoto 'creating' Sadistress, Sadistress's appearance triggers Makoto's discovery of her powers. Maybe?

Well, I think we might have actually hit upon something with the succubus thing by making both Gavins half-succubi. If we get a little more creative with the "localized gravity" we joke about and the innate, mountain-like strength Sadi has, it almost seems like an elemental power in the same way Rocktra's electricity is - just a different element and manifested differently. Since their father was human and had to donate a human Y chromosome, their male side is the more human, whereas their mother (who their father was apparently lucky enough to sleep with twice) gave them ability to shape-shift (let's ignore that "after having sex" requirement, that makes this project a lot more adult than it should be) into females with succubi-like powers, explaining their inhuman abilities and natural, sexy charisma.

However, I don't know if either really used their succubi powers much up until the onset of Super Makoto - something happened that made Kristoph snap and decide to turn into Sadistress, which made Makoto discover her powers to counter the threat. Konrad, on the other hand, probably consciously suppressed his Rocktra powers because he's genuinely a good guy and succubi aren't supposed to be heroes. What made him change his mind and try being a hero? Daryan deciding to become Hairaiser probably had a lot to do with it, but I don't think that made him become a hero right away - Hairaiser starts his villainy before SMakoto begins, and Rocktra becomes a heroine after it begins. I see this as more of a parallel to the game, with Apollo doing some big thing about "darkness is consuming all of us, I am the light, allow me to pull you free of the darkness Konrad" like he did in 4-4. It was overblown in the games, yeah, but face it, when there's literal demon stuff involved, the big talk works.

We're getting close to getting the real start of Super Makoto worked out. I just get that feeling, you know?

Now, as a personal side note, it seems I've just been promoted on this project. Which is Bee's way of rewarding me for keeping interest in Super Makoto for the entire summer. Whooooop. All that really means, though, is that I get to be more proactive in developing things. Or something like that. Actually, I don't really know what it means, but I guess I can feel more important or something. That's a good thing, right? For me, at least. I dunno how it'll affect anyone else.

Regardless, I might feel a little more confident now in trying to find a place for my OC in this universe, since Bee himself noted that it was funny I was probably the most devoted with the least amount of insertion. Recently I've been playing with the idea of Interpol: it's pretty much expected that a new agent would be sent in after Romein's death at the hands of Hairaiser. And, well, if that's Pie, it explores one of the concepts that's been given little attention in SMakoto so far, the idea of a relationship forming between enemies - you know, if love can bloom on a battlefield and all that jazz. Which it probably will, because Daryan's pretty much got all enemies and no friends at this point, which he himself is mostly responsible for by scaring them all away. But really, at some point we have to throw him a bone.

It would mean she'd mostly be seen in a suit and firing oversized guns, two things I still can't draw very well but that just gives me all the more reason to practice. Wings would probably have to go, since being a pretty fairy might interfere too much with her image as an Interpol agent. And she'd probably be speaking in French at times, given Interpol HQ is in the city of Lyon - the historic silk capital of the world, French capital of studying culture and cuisine, important in the history of cinema, it's a pretty damn important city, go look it up on Wikipedia or something - which would mean I have to stop sucking at my own French. Eh, I'll manage somehow.

I am also ashamed to admit that while writing this, I am considering whether or not Jean Armstrong should be in Interpol, if not the head of it. Mostly because the thought of Armstrong in a suit cracks me up.

Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Notes from a Project
As of writing, Super Makoto has hit yet another activity slump, which reflects last year's pattern of activity as well. What with the incoming fall semester, much of our contributing team has fallen off the radar, on top of bleeding out the original inner-circle members over the past year. I can now confidently say that I am the only regular long-time contributor!

So for the time being, it's myself and Pie working at the "core" of this project while the rest of our team gets their priorities in order.

Super Makoto continues to remain an "open" project that welcomes any and all input from potential contributors, no matter how great or small, or for how long or steady. As long as there are ideas, and people paying attention to this project, there will be time and thought devoted to every contribution.

= = = = = = = = = =

Doctor Eldoon Is In The House
When Guy Eldoon senses danger, he... well, he doesn't transform into anything, really.

Doctor Eldoon is a well-respected physician and clinical surgeon who helps run an inner-city clinic focusing on pro-bono work and health insurance advocacy. When not making his case in local politics, Eldoon practices his Healing Touch on a variety of emergency cases, mundane and otherwise. As a good doctor focused on treating those who need treatment, he can be trusted not to take sides: superheroes and villains alike have always come to him after particularly brutal scuffles, as it is his special power that gives him the ability to quickly and completely heal most wounds.

Eldoon's Healing Touch superpower is a highly focused state of consciousness that allows him to work with lightning-fast precision and care when other's lives are in danger. It is rumored this power can even strengthen a patient's life force, possibly reversing death, but the fullest extent of this mystical ability can only be attained when faced with true mortality.

Doctor Eldoon patrols around town in his noodle cart, particularly when patients may not be able to make it to his clinic in time. Although he gives priority to the beleaguered supers that often come to him, he has been known to postpone their appointments when he has citizens with greater needs to attend to.

All apologies to Atlus.

= = = = = = = = = =

Something's Bugging Me
You know how most super universes have that one flamethrower character? Super Makoto apparently doesn't have one. At least, not any more.

Which is a good thing. I want to take this minute to remind all contributors, past, present, and potential, that the focus of superpowers is to make them not only suitable to their respective characters, but also distinct and useful. We're not throwing in characters or powers just for the hell of it; each character we add is another layer of relationships and complexity to the story, even minor throwaways like Regina Berry, Lisa Basil, and Spark Brushel. All characters in the Ace Attorney games were memorable and lovable, and deserve attention and care in their design and induction.

= = = = = = = = = =

Shot In The Heart
Although concepts connecting Lamiroir/Thalassa Gramarye to the story are still on hold, there has been talk about furthering Machi's connection to the current storyline. Perhaps he inherits one of the Gramarye's guns...

= = = = = = = = = =

Do You Believe In Magic?
Speaking of magic and distinguished special powers, what about Max Galactica and Trumpcard Trucy, two characters who appear to share themes and abilities?

Much of Trucy's schtick in the games was producing items from seemingly impossible places (such as panties), or deception and illusion (Mister Hat). Trucy's powers are actually finely honed skills and practiced exploits; she is a master of the trade, and with some well-placed props and mirrors, she can turn perception on its head and subvert battle altogether.

On the other hand, there is the flashy Max Galactica, who his less about messing with people's perception and more about attracting it. Like his counterpart, "Lucky" Regina Berry, he longs to partake in spectacle and will go to great lengths to give a great show. Much of Max's repertoire is focused on supernatural feats such as flight and teleportation, and producing volumes of roses, cards, or ribbons at will. Not the most useful things in the world, but if you're dazzled by it, he's got you where he wants you: looking at him.

...Which, while it was an acceptable schtick back in the old television show days, now it just seems to get Regina's goat because she knows he's just trying to upstage her. They sometimes get into arguments or competitions about who can produce the most impressive effects, and often forget their original mission in the first place, much to their employer's dismay. (Why the Eccentrist let himself be saddled with two bumpkins, I don't know)

Author:  Pie [ Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

MoronSonOfBoron wrote:
(Why the Eccentrist let himself be saddled with two bumpkins, I don't know)

Because every series needs its Team Rocket, that's why.


Because I'm frickin' proud of this picture.

Spoiler: Insert Superman Theme

He really does fit the mold of a Superman figure well, up until he turns out to be an evil jellyfish monster thing that is out to ruin society.

Author:  LadyK [ Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

|D~ Totally going to lurk this thread and hopefully participate~

Author:  Pie [ Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

LadyK wrote:
|D~ Totally going to lurk this thread and hopefully participate~

ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF- erm, I mean...

So glad to see this project catch your attention, Kyn. :3 <3

Author:  LadyK [ Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

I never even knew it existed until you started talking about it. |D~ My interest is peeked! HUR HUR HUR~

*Subscribes to*

Hopefully I can be of some help. =x~ If not that's where my art come in.

Pie that picture is still freakin awesome. |D~

Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Yeah, we need to produce more pretty shiny arts to really catch folk's attention.

I also plan on making a new thread and having this one archived.

Author:  Pie [ Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

LadyK wrote:
Pie that picture is still freakin awesome. |D~

Isn't it, though? |D

Lightning is fun to treat like a Superman parody. He's even got the curl on his forehead! Kinda.

MoronSonOfBoron wrote:
I also plan on making a new thread and having this one archived.

Yes! Into the river with this thread. All the past drama it carries will work better as a weight than any rock we could tie to it.

Author:  LadyK [ Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Still new to this and writing any notes down here while brainstorming a bit.

During a discussion last night (with a horrible internet connection) and reading up on some character profiles on wiki. More over Daian. Seeing as he hates everyone. An idea spawned from a picture Pie had showed me a couple of days back of a younger Daian giving a hug to April. Was wondering what kind of relationship they would have a few years later. Pie mentioned April would be something like a big sister or close to a parental figure if she was taking care of Daian (while administering shots and getting blood samples). He probably wouldn't hate her for working at the hospital that he loathes so much.

Also, wondered if Hairaiser hated that hospital so much (much less any hospital for obvious reason) he wouldn't simply destroy it and turn it into rubble. Well, as Pie mentioned the antrocinine resides there and that there's new monsters there. Plus, he's weak to everything? Not sure if she meant weak towards stuff in the hospital or just weak in general. Seeing as his health is an overall handicap.

I would think if Daian couldn't really get to the antrocinine he would ask April to help in some way of retrieving some of it for him. Since, it seems she would probably have easy access to it. Though if she does she probably does it sparingly so no one notices the inventory of it coming up short. (Least I would assume they would keep an inventory of how much of the poison they keep in stock. Less she forges how much is actually there than there really is.)

Author:  Pie [ Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

LadyK wrote:
Plus, he's weak to everything? Not sure if she meant weak towards stuff in the hospital or just weak in general. Seeing as his health is an overall handicap.

Ah, lemme explain this. I said "weak to everything" as a sort of joke about how much of a glass jaw sort of character he's become. He packs a powerful punch, but:

1. Weak to fire. Please note how much hair he has, after all. Plus, it works as a small 4-3 reference since Phoenix foreshadowed at how Apollo should take down Daryan by comparing it to setting him on fire. Oh, that hobo and his fire. Anyway, pretty simple and straightforward, a logical weakness.

2. Weak to electricity. Besides the problem that static charge would create in his hair, we've raised Daryan's senses to make them more shark-like, to the point that he can basically fight while blinded. The downside to this is that one of the reasons sharks have such honed senses is because they're more sensitive to electricity than any other known species on earth, to the point that they can feel the tiny electromagnetic fields living organisms tend to give off. So, it just makes sense that if Daryan has strong senses, he'd suffer the same drawbacks to that as a shark would. More importantly, it gives Rocktra an edge over him.

3. Weak to atrocinine. Well, it's poison. While it can be used to control his hair, it does this through weakening him. A higher dose than normal takes all the kick out of his hair for a while. And if he takes too much, it would kill him, as it would kill anyone else.

4. Weak to damage. Like I said, I basically tried to design Daryan to be a glass-jaw character... deals a hell of a lot of damage, but tries to avoid getting hit because he doesn't take a punch better than anyone else. But it also makes sense with his character - not just his sensitivity, not just the fact that he hurt his shoulder in the game while firing the gun, but because of his need to distance people from him. If you think about how he deals with things, it's by using his intimidating nature to try and keep people away from finding any vulnerable points. As it says in the wiki, "he's got a soft side, but he's guarded it with rough skin and razor-sharp teeth, and there's few people he'll relax that guard for even a little."

That, really, is the whole reason behind his distrust and what has turned subsequently into a sort of implied loneliness - he scares away all the people who would uphold that trust. In a sense, it was his own fault Konrad turned against him, because it was he who first turned away from what Konrad respected the most, the law. He makes sure people have a bad impression of him before they get close, because then he can be sure none get close enough to hurt him. Conversely, if someone is going to actually get close to him, they have to be able to accept that he's got teeth and not be hurt too much if his teeth sink into their arm.

Urk. Anyway. Getting offsubject. Daryan isn't LITERALLY weak to everything, he's just GENERALLY weak to everything. Which he tends to base some of his fighting style around. He doesn't take a punch well, so he smacks them away before they get close enough to punch him. That's all.

And I actually kind of like the idea of, if Daryan were ever in an emergency, asking April to help him out by getting him some atrocinine. It allows him to be foiled without losing control, too, since he has a backup way of getting what he needs. And meanwhile, it WOULD have to be in small doses, because if Daryan suddenly got slipped their entire inventory, why would he still need to be a villain except maybe to fend off the hospital trying to reclaim it all?

Author:  LadyK [ Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Geeze, Daryan your hair and health is an over all handicap.


Hope he doesn't ever play with matches. |D~

What? No being best buds with Konrad? *Shed's a slight emo tear at that* :uramidn:

Oh no, that'd make things to easy, plus I would think people would notice if their whole stash of antrocinine went missing just like that. I guess that would be his backup plan or possible last resort if he needs it and can't get a hold of any of his own. So, April is kind of like Plan B. Though he'd still proceed with caution towards the hospital though. You know less he had a different form of contacting her as well. I'm sure others would get suspicious if he saw April ever conversing with him at all.

Author:  Pie [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

With Kyn's arrival, the subject has refocused on April May, because she's awesome and could totally kick your ass DBZ style. She's still a WIP, but she's getting some interesting developments.

But I'll leave most of that alone for now because I'm sure Bee is dying for the chance to talk about April's finer qualities. I'll keep to my own area of expertise.

Spoiler: You know why Bee is awesome?





Wish I could draw that good. :<

So lo and behold, we've found at least one person Daryan is not destined to hate, April May. Why? Because even if she was just at Holy Trinity as the eyes and ears of greater evils, she took care of him while he was there and taught him how to fight.

It's assumed he sees her as either an older sister or even a sort of mother figure. So don't get hasty and start shipping them, the age gap between them and the nature of their friendship makes that more than a little creepy.

However, do expect that April May taught him some respect for women, meaning that it'll be harder for him to punch a girl and heroines like Rocktra and Makoto will get an edge over him.

At this rate, not many of the heroes are going to have a hard time against Hairaiser, except maybe Apollo. Sucks to be him.

Author:  MoronSonOfBoron [ Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

April May's role at Holy Trinity has always been to monitor and maintain their "perfect soldier" project, overseeing the genetic modifications arising from experimentation with Daryan's mutation. She is also combat-proficient and has trained HT's creations, including Repast, Tigre, and Daryan himself. Since Daryan was a child when he arrived at Holy Trinity, April had the task of not only monitoring his progress but also of raising him into an adult.

I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes April let Daryan live outside of Holy Trinity's control, but it's generally agreed she develops a maternal instinct towards him. Unlike the other projects in HT, she has had time to know him as a person.
Spoiler: She makes a man out of him adurr

It's also been construed that in the absence of a third director at HT, April May officially took the position alongside Alita Tiala and Hotti, even if she has no real medical experience. However, given her skills, it could also be that April trained Alita to be Cold Killer X...
Spoiler: Sweet cherry pie

Author:  Pie [ Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

I feel like showing off the fanservice I drew today.

Thanks to her ANGRY FACE OF RAGE, I had thought of DBZ as a good inspiration for April's fighting. But when I went to draw her, I felt like a high kick would make a better composition than screaming with clenched fists, so...

Spoiler: Warning: Panties

... I used Chun Li as a reference instead. Oh, April, you and your violent anger. You're the best role model for young Daryan ever.

(Speaking of which, I won't link the drawing because it's not technically SMako stuff, but... a look into Daryan's childhood may reveal many fond memories of pudding and breasts. Hugs from April May will do that to a young boy.)

Now, as for SPARTA...

Spoiler: I vote for Lotta Hawt to be the SMako design of choice for Lotta

Yes, Makoto is painting the town red. I apologize to those who don't get the little inside joke made with the photo, and even more to the ones that do.

Now if we can just find some way to make Brushel look cool, we're golden.


Don't look at me like that, I'm sure it's possible to make him look... well, cooler at least.

Author:  Gerkuman [ Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pretty Super Magical Girl Makoto And Friends!

Just in case anyone was wondering, Bee thought this topic was getting pretty bloated and he wanted me to archive it. He's already planned the shiny new topic, so look out for it soon. :)

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