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Hello everyone, my name is David as you all can probably guess but I prefer is you all just call me Dave.

I've been a massive Ace Attorney fan since 2008 when I first discovered a Youtube Let's Play of the first 2 cases and because of how addicted I got to watching those videos I decided to run out and buy the game the same day, luckily the store actually had all 4 of the games in stock and I went home with the whole series.

My favourite game in the franchise is definitely Trials and Tribulations (I know, the general choice for most) and even though I adore all 5 of the main games my least favourite would be Justice For All (again, the usual choice).

My favourite character in the series is :maya:

Anyway sorry if this went on longer that it needed, just wanted to say hey and I'm glad I get to be on this site talking to other people who also adore this wonderful series,.
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I am the swordsman of justice!

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Welcome to CR! I had a similar encounter with the series, I heard the cornered theme from the first game and thought it was so good that I decided to research the series a bit more! I then went and bought the game that day!
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Hello, and welcome to Court-Records!
Vesti and Lauren's Interdimensional Investigations
This CYOA follows Vesti Gates and Lauren Tehra, two detectives who search for the truth, whether in their own dimension or otherwise.

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