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PASSiON is ready, Your Honor!Topic%20Title

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Hey guys! I would like to introduce myself to ya folks!
I'm Drawn with Passion, otherwise known as PASSiON.

My first introduction to the Ace Attorney games was that I actually read a little bit about it through Nintendo Power (R.I.P....) about 9 years ago, but never got into it since I didn't own a DS at that time. Throughout the times, I was all "meh" about the series and my friend sometimes talked about it to me. That is, until the Nintendo eShop had a Cyber Sale last November and the Phoenix Wright trilogy was one of the list of games on sale, and so I decided to try it out to see what the buzz is all about (especially the whole NaruMitsu ship craze). During my first attempt with the game, I didn't know what the heck to do (randomly present evidence at random testimonies, etc.) so I looked up a guide via GameFAQs, which really helped me a lot.

At first, I thought AA was just a typical lawyer simulation game, but after playing the first game...I. Was. Wrong!
After playing the game I instantly became an Ace Attorney trash. Played through all five games, plus the first Miles Edgeworth Investigations (watching the gameplay of the 2nd Investigations on YouTube)....and now I'm waiting for the English version of the 6th game; oh gawd the struggle is real...trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible (stumbled upon one spoiler already)!

I've been drawing quite a lot of fan arts of Ace Attorney, and became a shipper of NaruMitsu/WrightWorth.
To celebrate my first appearance on Court-Records, here's an AA fan art I drew up a while back:

If you guys like to see some of my works:
Re: PASSiON is ready, Your Honor!Topic%20Title
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Hi there, welcome to the forums! Nice name, by the way. Also nicely drawn! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
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