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Hello Court Records !

As some of you might know, I'm quite engaged in the Ace Attorney scene, owning, the only updated french AA website to this date.
Well today, I'm here to share another one of my AA projects : Ace Attorney World.

Hey, but isn't that that awful blue website I remember seeing once ?

Don't worry : No. This first version of AA World is closed.

So what's AA World ?

To put it simply, it's an Ace Attorney directory, aiming to provide links to AA content all around the world. There's a category for Capcom official links, but the main course remain the other categories, with links for a bunch of non official websites (including, of course, CR).
I tried to gather many links, but of course it's possible I missed something. If your favorite AA website isn't there, don't hesitate to tell me !

Just click the picture below to visit AA World :

I want my project in AAW !

If it's something on the web, related to AA, sure ! Everything is possible, except perhaps social things like Twitter accounts, Tumblr blogs, Youtube channels, Facebook things or Discord servers. In any event just pm me, or send me an e-mail (, or answer this thread, as you wish.

I want to help !
Some descriptions could use a little improvement, and I'm not qualified to translate or to describe anything in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish or Italian, so if you're able to help in that field, that'll be appreciated.

Ok that's all for me at the moment I guess, thanks for reading :)
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