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Hello, Court Records!Topic%20Title

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Hello! The name's Kat! My friend @miraclepainter introduced me to this site!

Super happy to be here! :redd:
I draw things :draw:
I have no clue what else to say because I rarely talk to people outside my friend group so if you wanna ask me anything go ahead!

Also I love these smilies so much- :headbang:
Re: Hello, Court Records!Topic%20Title
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The Master Of The RP Forum! XD*snickers*

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Hey howdy ho! I just posted in your friends, Miracles, introduction, but figured I should respond to you too! Welcome to the boards! It's quite empty right now, but it usually picks up when new content or something comes out! :D I was just randomly signing on again and saw you both posted, and I just wanted to welcome you and drop my Discord because I'm always lookin' for fellow Ace Attorney fans and cool people! :3 Also I'd love to see some of your art as well! I'm always down to support artists the best I can! ^^ So I hope life's been treatin' you well, and that your Holidays were excellent!

Nippleous Cage#5298

Oh, and this is my Discord before I forget to do that! Hope to hear from ya soon! :yogi:
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