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New Turnabout Sign upsTopic%20Title

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Okay so um, Pierre suggested I should just start a new thread since most of the threads here seem old already.

Here's the deal: this is a spontaneous kind of rp so just bear with me. I'm my first shot, like I said and so any ideas for plot is good right now. I'm thinking this would be a mix of fluff/romance to court stuff like the canons. only exceptions: there must be at least one case here (theft, murder, etc. all up to people who sign up).

in terms of characters: feel free to create OC's but there still has to be some presence of the canons (i.e. Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, Maya, etc.)

Here's mine: (I got this template from another forum so it's not really my idea at all, but I'm not claiming it to be mine entirely either)
Name: Phoenix Miles Jury
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Job: Currently an intern at the Prosecutor’s Office
Appearance: Dark brown eyes, boyish appearance because of her fashion style of choice, which is casually elegant; she has jet black hair with straight cropped bangs and pale face.
Personality: Phoenix Miles gives off an uptight attitude, but that’s only when she’s working. She can be the biggest dork, when around her closest friends. She works hard in the office and most of the time she gives off a very positive vibe despite her normal facial expressions being not too smiley all the time.
A general Description of your Character: Phoenix Miles is a young law student-intern at the prosecutor’s office, with a past. She is currently 18 years old. She looks up to the famous defense-prosecutor duo, Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. As a kid, she has a relatively normal childhood, but things changed when she was 13. She sports a short cropped jet black hair and straight cropped bangs that made her look even younger for her age which make her look boyish in addition to the name despite the fact that she is a girl and her casually elegant style of fashion. In addition, she is like the combination of Kay Faraday and Maya Fey when it comes to childishness. At a tender age of 13, she met Prosecutor Skye who at that time was chief prosecutor and was eventually taken in too not long. Ema, Lana’s sister calls her Noon because of her initials PM. She appears uptight at times but can be the biggest dork when around closest friends, of which she has few.
In court attitude: Because she has never really been in court, she hasn't had any much experience in actual court scenario. Whenever she goes with a prosecutor, she only stays back in the gallery watching the trials her seniors are prosecuting at.
Out of court attitude: Out of court, she is not the person who would be very smiley but not very grim either. She’s ordinarily serious fun.
Past History: Her past was something she never talks about, not even to her adoptive family. It’s still unknown to this day.
Relationships: Ema and Lana Skye (adoptive family)
Crush/Love Interest?: TBD
Office: Despite an intern at the Prosecutor’s Office, she spends most of the time working alongside Detective Gumshoe and Officer Marshall in the Criminal Affairs Department.
Other Details: In her spare time, she likes to play the flute and the piano, and invests her time trying to make covers, musical. Also likes to write creatively such as poems, short stories, etc. Not very particular at dislikes, only when she find something or someone intolerable. She dreams of becoming a prosecutor soon.

case proposals:
defense attorney: if no one will take this and the prosecution, then I expect Edgeworth and Wright to fill in the defense and prosecution
judge/canadian judge
evidence(s) to present:

A few ground rules:
- unspoken thoughts of characters may either be in brackets or italics
- use decent grammar and spelling (although I'm not going to go pull a grammar nazi to those who don't), that includes punctuation and stuff
- have fun!
Re: New Turnabout Sign upsTopic%20Title
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Name: Tabitha Sparks
Age: 18
Gender: F
Job: Secretary to the judge
Appearance: Pale, red hair cut in a blunt bob, one green eye and one blue eye, of average height and weight
Personality: Quiet and soft spoken, Tabitha is often overlooked by others. She is incredibly smart and determined to achieve her dream of becoming a judge. She has an incredibly wittiness to her, and tries her best to carry a positive outlook. Her one weakness is her tendency to panic in high stress situations, making her a very anxious person.
General description of character: From a very young age, Tabitha has known what she has wanted to do. She comes from a very close knit family, and to her, family is the most important thing. When she was 11, her younger sister was killed in a hit and run, the driver managing to get off scot free. Ever since, she has formed a strong moral code and longs for justice to be properly carried out. What better way to do this then to become a judge? When she came of age, she enrolled at the Themis Legal Academy in the judge course. Now, she has just graduated and has landed herself a job as the personal assistant/ secretary to the judge. Tabitha is strong willed, determined, and carries no empathy for criminals.
In court attitude: Highly observant, she takes notes and absorbs as much information as she can that will help lead her to becoming a better judge.
Out of court attitude: Not the most social of people, Tabitha does not have many friends. She keeps to herself and doesn't get too close to anyone for fear of losing someone like she lost her sister.
Past history: The mental scarring caused by her sisters death left her in therapy for years. Never having many friends or being in any romantic relationships has taken its social toll on her.
Relationships: She is well acquainted with the judge and her family. She is the cousin of Athena Cykes, so she is vaguely acquainted with the members of the Wright Anything Agency.
Love interest: Tabitha tries to block out all romantic feelings, as she knows they only get in the way of things. However, she cannot help but feel strongly attracted to Apollo Justice.
Office: She works alongside the Judge in his chambers, filing court records and the like.
Other details: Tabitha is a vegetarian and has a tattoo of a paw print on her right ankle. This is dedicated to her sister and their common love of animals, the one thing that brought them close when they were small.
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