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Pokemon RP (Renew) Sign-UpTopic%20Title
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Since my old Pokemon RP is dead and buried somewhere in here I figured to make a new one..... It will be updated when we learn new things about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and any other future Pokemon Games that they may remake for like the Johto although that may or may not be highly to happen.

Alright..... Now the fun begins.



The Storyline is: In a world where from Team Rocket to Team Flare joined up to form an Organization. But due to each had their own objectives they all had one goal in the end: World domination. But they been in secret for some time and been hiding their tracks. Ever since Mega Evolution was discovered from the Kalos Region people wanted their very own Mega Evolution partner. But Lysandre told the Organization all about Mega Evolution and what were needed for it. So the Organization being in the dark and not revealing themselves to the public has been secretly plotting to take advantage of this and to use Mega Pokemon to rule the world. Will the enemy take over the world or will their plan be put to an end? Only Time will tell.


1: No God-Moding
Lets face it, a story isn't much fun if everyone turns out to be Superman. Everyone has weaknesses, and so your characters should too! Also, remember that this is a group activity, and it's not a good idea to try to make the RP totally about your character.

2: A paragraph, please!
This one might be a bit controversial, but stay with me. One sentence posts don't really move the story along, and they're more than a bit bland. And that is why I'm setting the rule to spice things up a little. Remember, the best RP's have depth, and it won't take too much effort to write a paragraph. :D

3: You must create a Signup/OOC Thread
We have a new subforum. Please use it for signups before you start, and once that's done, use the topic for OOC chatter. That not only means the topics can stay clear, but even better than that, there's no restriction on how much you can discuss the RP now.

4: If you have any questions, PM General Luigi.
This one doesn't need much explanation, I think. And now here is a little thing which should explain the rules simply, I hope you like it!

Few more things. There will be egg events. No getting Legendary right at the start that would not be right for everybody. Capturing Legendary Pokemon will take place LATER in the RP like it does in every Pokemon Game.
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Re: Pokemon RP (Renew) Sign-UpTopic%20Title
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Although this post is from a year ago, I'd still like to apply. This is an RP I would really want to do.

Name: Luna Symphony
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'10" (178cm) with brown eyes. Shoulder-length brown hair, but wears a white hat. Typically wears a midnight blue shirt with black pants and black shoes.
Personality: Generally a nice girl. Only when frustrated does she become a bit cold towards others. Has a good sense of justice and honor, but has a slight lack of common sense.
Bio: Was raised in Mahogany Town and is highly fond of ice-types. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and her father is a fisherman. She frequents the local gym to watch Pryce battle and has developed a love for pokemon battling.
Region: Johto

This is my application. I hope this RP can get started one day.
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