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[S2] Episode 23: "Bridge to the Turnabout — Last Trial"Topic%20Title
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Discussion thread.

So... the final episode.

I wish they hadn't waited until the end to feature so much of the game music. Though there was some over the course of the season, it seems they crammed in a bunch of T&T music here. Godot's theme was nice to hear though.

They were probably trying to save on time, but Phoenix going from "Maya saw the killer in the dark" to "It was Godot because his mask can be seen in the dark" felt like a bigger leap here than in the games.

Maya, Iris, and Pearl all took turns punching me right in the feels.

Franziska bringing Pearl back from the temple... I thought that was a nice change. Would love to have been a fly on the wall when that took place. Wonder if Franziska had to work to get Pearl to come with her.

Mia's disembodied voice vs channeled Mia... not sure I cared for that change (though yes, Phoenix has heard her voice even in the games).

I do like this adaptation, but some things don't need to be carbon-copied. That end felt more like a TBC, which is what we get from the games, but I think they could have done something else here. An extra few minutes showing everyone carrying on with their lives, OBJECTION optional. Maybe even an entire filler episode to make it 24.
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