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Any opinions/issues on the Trilogy release (especially PC)?Topic%20Title
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So I've kind of ignored the new trilogy release since I haven't felt the urge to go through the games again, but I'm getting the urge now and I'm really tempted to get the PC version (the switch version would tempt me but I don't have one).

However, I also own the original cartridges, the iOS version, and the 3DS version, so I'm always a little hesitant to buy them again. In addition, I always liked the portability of the series (I play a lot at night before I go to bed) and playing on a big screen on my couch doesn't necessarily sound as appealing to me.

On the other hand, the 3ds trilogy has ruined the original cartridges for me since it looks so much lower-res on my 3ds XL than the 3DS trilogy. However, the 2 frame talking animations really bother me on the 3DS version.

The thing tempting me to take the plunge and buy it is that this new version seems to be the only version that is "HD" and also has all the animations intact.

Those who have played it a lot: Is it true all the animations are complete? Are there any other problems/glitches/missing content this version has that I'm not aware of? Does playing at your PC desktop or on your TV detract from the game or does it not bother you? Lastly, in general what is your opinion of the new trilogy?
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