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Was the japanese script much different from the english one?Topic%20Title
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I recently learned of a name "Alexander O. Smith" whom you'll likely spot in the credits the next time you play Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice, and apparently this translator has (or had) quite the reputation. He was not involved with AA2, 3, AAI or DD though and particularly in AA2 and 3 I always noticed the translation was a bit less elegant or something than Phoenix Wright, and outside of 4-3 I always felt AJ:AA had some kind of quality to it that I never felt outside of the original Phoenix Wright game.

...and then, glossing over the old NeoGAF thread for AJ:AA I noticed a LOT of people saying "Guess Alexander O. Smith saved this game's script!" and I don't know if that comes from an obscure dislike for AA2 and T&T over at GAF that I didn't know of or if it was to say "AJ:AA sucks but translation is amazing".

Anyhow, knowing this I'm guessing this Alexander guy had a tendency to pep up the prose a bit more than in the original japanese version of it. Anyone who's played AJ:AA in japanese, how does the writing/prose differ?
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